On the last episode I talked about Frash which is Flash for iOS.  Seems I forgot to mention an important point and that is you need to add a resource to Cydia before you can install it. Here are the instructions for installing Frash.


  1. Launch Cydia 
  2. Tap the - Manage - button
  3. Tap - Sources
  4. In the Top Right Tap the - Edit - button 
  5. In the Top Left Tap the - Add - button
  6. Then In the pop-up box, type http://repo.benm.at/   
  7. Tap - Add Source - to close the box
  8. In the Top Right Tap the - Done - button
  9. Go to the - Search - section in Cydia and search for "Frash"
  10. Install the app.

VERY IMPORTANT - You MUST include the  "/" at the end of the URL in step 6 or it will not work.

Again as I said in the show I see Frash more needed for the iPad than the iPhone or iPod Touch. But this will work for any iOS device.  Once it is installed go to a site that has Flash running and you will see a light grey box with "Flash" in the middle - tap on "Flash" and it will run the flash elements for that site.  
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Music Video

Gadget Freeway - Advertiser

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Apple manager arrested in kickback scheme - San Jose Mercury News

Both Verizon Wireless iPhone and next generation iPad about to hit field testing? « Boy Genius Report

iPhone 4 pre-orders about to begin in South Korea



Apps Mentions in this Episode:

Tii App

Doodle Buddy

Glyphboard - Webapp

Cali Lewis App


Frash - Cydia


PDF Patch - Cydia 

Poker Journal


Trip Journal 

My Trips


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iPhone 4 vs. HTC EVO 4G real-world camera test - Computerworld Blogs

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JailbreakMe 2.0

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How To Prevent Malicious Websites From Using Security Hole In iOS Used In JailbreakMe iPhone Hacks

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AppleInsider | Browser-based 'jailbreak' website blocked at Apple retail stores


AT&T Sees No Negative Impact When iPhone Pact Ends - WSJ.com

Gregs Tech Blog: As Many as 4.6 Million Android Users Data Stolen?

Common Sense Media for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

CLEAR offers 4G iSpot mobile broadband to iDevice owners

The man who made the iPhone 4 is out - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech

Apple Executive Exits After IPhone Antenna Flap - WSJ.com

Daring Fireball: Papermaster and That Damn Antenna

How to Install Flash on your iPhone (The Easy Way)

Bad News For Android Owners: iPhone Users Have More Sex

Dev-Team Blog - grow, grow ultrasn0w!


Leather iPad Shoulder Bag - Gadget Freeway.com (Sponsor)


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Tii - iPhone App






Common Sense Media

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Below is a video showing the jailbreak of an iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.0.1 - However this jailbreak works for any iOS device running iOS 4.0.1 or lower.  There were some early issues with MMS and Facetime not working. It is reported that MMS is now working.  I have heard reports from others that skype does not work in the background.  And I am sure there will be some other issues that are found. 

UPDATE: 8/2/10 11:42 PM CT - I jailbroke my iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0.1 - NO issues - All is working great including Facetime. Looks like they have resolved the issues they had last night.  Both my iPhone 4 and 3GS are working great. As with any jailbreak - as you ad more and more apps you increase your odds exponentially of there being a conflict.  So keep your jailbreak App downloads to a min and to just the ones you need.  If you try an app and don't like it - remove it ASAP.  Also those jailbreaking with iOS 4.0.1 for an iPhone seemed to report the best results. Mostly the reporting has been overwhelmingly positive for this Jailbreak - Kudos to those involved in making this possible.  

UPDATE 2: 8/3/10 12:05 AM CT - One other common thread seems to be those that do the jailbreak when connected to wifi are having better results then those trying the jailbreak via 3G. Also it seems better when clicking on a link like that below then when typing in the URL.  If you do have an issue - make sure to force quite safari and then clear your cache before trying again. 

BIG NOTE: Do not try to jailbreak if you don't like when things go to (expletive). If you need your device for your business and being without it for any period of time will cause you to loose your job - stop now.  If you get mad at your significant other at how they fold towels or put the toilet paper on a roll - Jailbreaking is probably not for your personality.  Sometimes things break and your device will likely crash more often then if it was not jailbroken. 


To Jailbreak just point your iOS device running iOS 4.0.1 or lower to:


There is no need for a computer, SHSH Blobs or anything else.  Just point your iOS device to the link above and slide the slider to jailbreak.  See the video for more info.  


To learn how to use Cydia - The App store for Jailbreaking - See the following tutorials.

Of course - Make sure you backup before trying this.  And don't upgrade to iOS 4.1 or 4.0.2 or whatever comes after iOS 4.0.1 if you want to use this jailbreak method.


Category:breaking news -- posted at: 3:51 PM


This post talks about the new very very easy to use jailbreak.  Just point your iOS device safari browser at:




No need for mac or pc to jailbreak with this - do it all from your iOS device. However there is the issue the there are some issues.

I would highly suggest you hold off right now - as there are still some tech issues - especially with Facetime and MMS.

I am sure there will be updates on this coming soon.

If you do decide to do the jailbreak - please give your feedback below.


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Wired forecast the iPad's existence in 1999 - Boing Boing

Apple - Smartphone Antenna Performance

Apple Yanks iPhone-based "Chatroulette" App | PCMag.com

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Apple iPad Launches In Nine More Countries Friday - PCWorld

FY 10 Third Quarter Results Conference Call

Google quietly kills its once-hyped Nexus One phone - CNN.com

TRON for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Bad Connection: Inside the iPhone Network Meltdown | Magazine

'Filemaker Go' Released for iPhone and iPad - Mac Rumors

AppleInsider | Rumors of Apple charging iPad owners for iOS 4 upgrade are false

Mili Power Spring Black Extended Battery for iPhone 4 at MobileCityOnline.com

My TV Remote for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Flashlight App Briefly Brought Unofficial Tethering To The iPhone - iPhone Hacks

Don't Hold It Wrong

Motorola says Droid X eFuse security won't brick your phone

Skype for iPhone gets multitasking, ditches hated 3G-calling fee - CNET Reviews

How a 15-yo Kid Tricked Apple With a Disguised iPhone Tethering App

iOS 4 and iPhone 3G is a match made in... what's the opposite of heaven?

Bicyclist allegedly steals iPhone during GPS demo  - CNET News

Nokia Profit Plunges; Banks on New Device for Revival - BusinessWeek

Comex To Release Spirit Like Jailbreak For iPhone 4 Soon |

Statement by Apple on White iPhone 4

BlindType: It’s A Keyboard, Jim, But Not As We Know It :: App Advice

FaceTime iPod Touch, iPad Coming Soon: Will Use Email Address | The APPera

Create Free iPhone Ringtones Using Only iTunes [How To] | Cult of Mac

Droid X Also Infected With Apple's iPhone 4 Antenna Plague |

Most iPhone users love AT&T - Jul. 23, 2010

Apple's 3rd party iPhone 4 cases arriving in late September? | 9 to 5 Mac

RazorianFly » YouTube hybrid embed player for html5

Dev-Team Blog - Blob banter

Delay on iPhone Upsets South Korea - WSJ.com

Spirit Jailbreak for iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 3.2.1 and iPod touch 3G Delayed | Redmond Pie

iPhone 4 Retina Display vs. Galaxy S Super AMOLED... fight! (updated) -- Engadget

iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S: displays at full brightness - Engadget Galleries

MacDailyNews - U.S. government makes iPhone jailbreaking, unlocking legal

New Gov't Rules Allow Unapproved IPhone Apps : NPR

Govt.-Approved iPhone Jailbreaking Won't Help Users - PCWorld

Big App Show for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

EFF wins enormous victory against DRM: legal to jailbreak iPhones, rip DVDs for mashup videos - Boing Boing

YouTube - 2 year old dances to trololo song on iPad



Apps Mentioned in this Episode:

Tii App




Big App Show


iRealSMS - Cydia

Filemaker Go

My TV Remote





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Jailbreak iOS 4 iPod touch 3G and 2G - Redmond Pie

Rumor: AT&T giving 3G MicroCells to long-standing customers - TUAW

Apple deleting mentions of Consumer Reports' iPhone 4 piece on forums, can't delete your thoughts -- Engadget

iPhone 4: The Consumer Reports fiasco - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech

iPhone 4 carrier unlock teased, not released just yet -- Engadget

Amazon.com: Mophie Juice Pack Case 

EXOGEAR iPhone Battery Case - Exolife

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Apple has an ally; Electromagnetic engineer says Consumer Reports iPhone 4 study flawed CNET Reviews

Survey: iPhone tops satisfaction, planned purchase numbers | Macworld

YouTube - David Letterman - Bad iPhone Top Ten

Apple iPhone Antenna Defenders Speak Out: Yeah, They Exist - PCWorld

UPDATE 2-Apple to hold iPhone press conference Friday

Add Bluetooth to the iPhone 4 list of woe | ZDNet

Consumer Reports Electronics Blog: Apple’s Bumper case alleviates the iPhone 4 signal-loss problem

The iPhone Antenna: It’s Complicated « Velocity - Forbes.com

Apple Engineer Told Jobs IPhone Antenna Might Cut Calls - Bloomberg

iOS 3.2.1 delivers iPad Wi-Fi fixes, more | Macworld

iPhone 4 Meets The GripOfDeathInator - AntennaSys Blog - AntennaSys, Inc.

YouTube - Song A Day #561: The iPhone Antenna Song

The iPhone 4 Redux: Analyzing Apple's iOS 4.0.1 Signal Fix & Antenna Issue - AnandTech

Live iPhone 4 press event coverage – gdgt live

Live from Apple's iPhone 4 press conference -- Engadget

Macworld | Live Update: iPhone 4 Press Conference

Apple - Smartphone Antenna Performance

The Associated Press: Apple: iPhone 4 drops more calls than iPhone 3GS

Steve Jobs confirms: Android outselling iPhone - Fortune Tech

Motorola Is Willing To Break the Phone They Just Sold You

Bumper and all, Consumer Reports still doesn't recommend iPhone 4 - CNN.com

Apple's condescending iPhone 4 press conference. - By Farhad Manjoo - Slate Magazine

Apple did the right thing, but it'll cost 'em - Technology & science - Wireless - msnbc.com

iOS 4.1 features: AVRCP stereo Bluetooth controls | TiPb

KansasFest -- Apple II Forever!

Why I’m Craigslisting My iPads

VIRTUALIDA : Why I Won’t Be Craiglisting My iPad

iPhone 4 Press Conference VIDEO: Watch Steve Jobs Announce iPhone 4 Free Case Offer

RIM Co-CEOs Comment On Apple Antenna Claims - FOXBusiness.com

Apple’s Claims About Other Phones — There’s a Response for That - Digits - WSJ

Dev-Team Blog - ultrasn0w is growing!


Rivals Hit Back at Apple Over iPhone 4 'Death Grip' Claims | PCMag.com

HTC: Apple Drawing HTC Into iPhone 4 Problems Unacceptable - WSJ.com


Review - Plantronics 975 BT Head Set


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Tii App


Zombie Farm

Video Zoom Plus


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Update 2:  No Recall.  Apple will give free cases to everyone that buys an iPhone through September 30th - if you already purchased a bumper case they will refund the purchase.  More about the meeting on ep 138 early next week. 


As the title of this post suggests and conventional wisdom is now indicating an iPhone 4 recall announcement is all but a certainty when Apple has its special media even tomorrow at 10:00 AM PT.  However when it comes to conventional wisdom and Apple - history is not on the side of conventional wisdom.  Remember the iPod Touch 3rd gen with a camera, or the iPad that was not going to be called an iPad or that said iPad would be on Verizon.  Those were all conventional wisdom that Apple did not go along with. And what about the time of the event - 10:00 AM PT when the markets are still open in NY.  That timing seems odd - especially for a major recall announcement from a company with regards to its biggest individual product.  Why not push the event out a couple of hours until after the markets close. That seems even more obvious than the issues from touching an exposed antenna.  

If you are not aware iOS 4.0.1 is officially out for the iPhone 4 and its effect on fixing the Antenna bars dropping issue is negligible at best. I can with a tight death grip get the iPhone 4 to drop 3 bars - however now that the first bar is so much bigger I don't seem to feel as bad.  It is however now much harder to get 5 bars on the iPhone 4.  

There are some very good posts out there on what to expect tomorrow and one in particular from MG Siegler from Techcrunch is very well done.  

But what if Apple throws conventional wisdom out the window and Steve gets up there and shows data on the iPhone 4 having 10 to 15 dB better reception performance than the 3GS when not held with the death grip and only 5 to 10 dB worse performance when held tightly with the death grip.  Then Steve offers up a free bumper or gift card for all iPhone 4 owners.  And then does the completely unexpected and announces the iPhone 4 will be available in XX days on Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.  I just heard from a good friend in the electronic components industry that his good friend told him Fox Con is already building the CDMA versions of the iPhone 4.  Yeah I know a friend of a friend - almost sounds like something from Digitimes or BGR.  Not that I really think this will happen - just throwing it out there as a possible anti-conventional wisdom possibility.  


If you have thoughts on what will happen tomorrow or if you have upgraded to iOS 4.0.1 please share your experience / thoughts below.


Update: Some listener email feedback

Hi Rob,

Just thought I'd share an experience I had this morning while eating
breakfast at a McDonald's in my area. I was sitting with my girlfriend
when I pulled out my iPhone 4 to check the weather. A group of elderly
people were sitting at the table next to us. One of them saw my phone
and asked me if it was "that new apple phone that was going to get
recalled". I said "well it the new apple phone but I'm pretty sure it
isn't going to be recalled". This group then began asking about the
antenna issues that had been in the news and were curious if I had any
problems. I told them that yes the signal does appear to drop but that
rarely results in a dropped call. Another group at a table also
nearby, this time with a group of 30-ish age people then joined the
conversation saying that they ha gotten android phones because of the
reported issue with the iPhone 4.
  I guess I hadn't realized just how big of a public perception
problem this antenna thing is. Apple is in some serious trouble if a
group of random people of various ages are all aware of the reported
issues. Anyway, I hope apple can do something to alleviate the



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iPhone 4 exceeds talk time promises | iPhone Atlas - CNET

indie's Adventures on the Pacific Crest Trail 2010

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UPDATED: Best Buy to iPhone/Evo video guy: Welcome back. But he'll pass | Dollars & Sense

YouTube Mobile Site Trumps Dedicated iPhone App - PCWorld

Facebook | AT&T

AppleInsider | Apple's new iPod touch rumored to have 5MP camera, FaceTime

Gadgets -Dell's Streak Set to Arrive in the U.S. - But When?

Fring update approved for iPhone, does video calling with front cam over 3G -- Engadget



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Tii App





Doodle God




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How to Get Your Address Book Birthday Calendar on Your iPad Using MobileMe - wikiHow

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New Uses For Your Old iPhone

How to sell your old iPhone

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Letter from Apple Regarding iPhone 4

Daring Fireball: Translation From Apple's Unique Dialect of PR-Speak to English of the 'Letter From Apple Regarding iPhone 4'

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Apple's iPhone 4: Thoroughly Reviewed - AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News

Puzzlement for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Best Buy Firing Employee Because He Makes A Funny Video That Doesn't Even Mention Best Buy | Techdirt

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Apple Dumps iPhone 4 Restocking Fee | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

iPhone 4 defenders debunk reception, 'grip of death' issues

iPhone 4 Retina Display Vs Motorola Droid X Vs Droid Incredible Vs EVO 4G | Gadgets DNA

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YouTube - iPhone 4 Antenna Tech Support Call

Unlock iPhone 3.1.3 05.11.07 Baseband with Blacksn0w | Redmond Pie

Boy Genius Geller Paid 4 iPhone 4 Steve Jobs' Death Grip Emails- Yes-Buts, Source of iPhone 4 Exchange Named - WIRELESS AND MOBILE NEWS

App Store chicanery powered by iTunes account fraud

iTunes Accounts Hacked [WARNING]

iTunes accounts hacking more widespread than initially thought. The facts, and what you should do.

App Store, Hacked. (Updated: iTunes Accounts too.)

I think my iTunes account was hacked? - Page 5 - Mac Forums

iTunes accounts hacked by shady developer? | alexbrie . com

Apple’s app store, filled with “App farms” being used to steal. [Examples]


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How to Tie a Tie



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