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Apple Q2 2018 Quarterly Report

Jul 31, 2018

Apple Q2 2018 (fiscal Q3) - Quarterly Report Summary:

Rev = $53.3 Billion (vs $45.4 Billion a year ago quarter and $61.1 Billion last quarter)

Total Cash = $243.7 Billion (Down $23.5 Billion for the quarter from $267.2 Billion)


Last Quarter Sales:

iPhones Sold = 41.3 Mil (vs 41.0 Mil a year ago quarter and 52.2 Mil last quarter)

iPads Sold = 11.6 Mil (vs 11.4 Mil as year ago quarter and 9.1 Mil last quarter)

Mac's Sold = 3.7 Mil (vs 4.3 Mil a year ago quarter and 4.1 Mil last quarter)


Misc Notes:

iPhone ASP's way up yr over yr.  Unit sales flat.

iPad sales flat yr over yr even without new units.  

Big Drop 2 quarters in a row in Cash - down over $40 Billion since Jan 1st 2018.  That is more than Spotify's Market Cap. 

Apple Wearables up 60% yr/yr.  

AirPod demand still greater then supply 18 months after launch. 

Very Bizarre last questions on Conf call. 

More items to come later and more in-depth on all of this on Ep 468 coming later this week.


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