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Mar 22, 2010

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Links Mentioned in this Episode:
YouTube - iPhone HD ad
Apple Details Super-Simple iPad 3G Data Sign-Up |
Apple Quietly Fills in Some iPad Blanks - PCWorld
PayPal Bumps iPhone Payments to New Level - Digits - WSJ
AppleInsider | Apple delays iPad keyboard dock, power adapter until May
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Apple iPad Sales Estimates are Wrong |
25 Things You Can Remote Control With Your iPhone « Velocity -
ABC changes US rules to include iPad | Media |
ARM exec predicts 50 tablet PCs on the way | Desktop Hardware | ZDNet UK
Found Footage: Ridiculously fast iPhone typist
Secret Crypto Wonder Badge for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
Apple yanking protective screen film products from retail, online stores |
Google issues statement on Nexus One sales, touts Android Market's 30,000 apps -- Engadget
iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 5 available for download
Report: 400K iPads May Be Pre-Sold By Friday | Cult of Mac
Palm's stock plummets after analysts cut targets to $0. - Mar. 19, 2010
Pay to Play: Some iPhone App Sites Demand Money for Reviews |
Blame Wintek for the iPad delay, not Apple -
Sprint features iPhone in 4G ad
iPad week 1: 190,000 pre-orders - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Brainstorm Tech
Springboard Rotator: Rotate iPhone iPod Touch Springboard icons | iPhoneHeat
Apple - Support - Discussions - ipad/iphone/ipod charger - can the ipad ...
Apple Sets March 27 Deadline for First IPad Apps - PCWorld Business Center

Apps Mentioned in this Episode:
Tii App - V1.5
Secret Crypto Wonder Badge

almost thirteen years ago

The cosmic math app mentioned at the very end of the show doesn't seem to be available in app store ( australia or US)?

almost thirteen years ago

This guy should thank you, I certainly never heard of his site until now. I have to admit I never read reviews unless they are on a site I trust. I do however listen to the ones on Tii, I have never found them to be wrong, and love the fact that you have people call in. He should take a second and listen to the show and maybe he can learn something. They could likely generate better income from not charging and using advertising as many others do. May not be overnight but if he was clever enough it could work. I certainly don't trust any site that takes money for reviews. I just can't see it being honest, even if the person thinks he/she is being so. If someone paid me to review and app I would feel guilty if I have them a bad review. But that is me. Still, this is stupid, he needs to move on. Bullying just makes him look bad!!

almost thirteen years ago

Just tried to download the Rokumote but it is not available even though it's still listed in the app store. What a bummer, I want this badboy since my kids constantly misplace my Roku remote.

almost thirteen years ago

Interesting talk about the iphoneappreview stuff. They were also mentioned on CNet's Buzz Out Loud podcast, episode 1188.