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iOS Artwork - iTem 0419 and Episode Transcript

Jan 26, 2017



Welcome to the show I am your host Rob and this is the Today in iOS podcast -  


Sorry no music for this episode.  I am all out of music created on an iOS device.  


I want to thank BARRY for sending in the Artwork for today's show.  BARRY wrote the following:


Hi, Rob.

Here's a pic I shot of my family while on vacation this past summer. It's a HDR shot with a 6s plus. I added the text with the app, Over. I tried to make it look like sky writing, but there wasn't a cloud type font.  


Barry S 



Thanks BARRY, for sending in this artwork and folks you can see BARRY'S artwork in the FREE Tii App via the BONUS button for ep 419 - or at and also as a stand alone post in the VIP section and at


If you have some artwork and or music you have created on your iOS device that you would like to share with the audience please email it to me at today in iOS at gmail dot com and please make sure to include which app or apps you used to create said artwork and or music.  


One thing I would love to do this year - is if you can get a picture of yourself in front of your local Apple store - Take that picture - put the Tii or Today in iOS branding on it - and also the City and state or Country on the artwork saying which apple store it is.  I would like to kick that off starting in April with the 10 year anniversary of the show.  


AND as I mentioned I am completely out of Music - so if you have some music you created on an iOS device - please  send it in. 




In this segment of how wrong were they we have the following quote -- quote 

“If you look at the customers we have on BB10 so far, 55 per cent of them are coming from [Apple’s operating system] iOS and Android, so obviously we have a large base of potential customers we can convert. How better to reach that audience than on the digital device they have with them all day? I see that as a great opportunity for us and we are going to over-index mobile marketing for that reason.” unquote

Frank Boulben, Chief Marketing Officer, BlackBerry, 5 June 2013



And then in Nov 2013 - Frank was no longer at Blackberry.  Nuff said




This week we have promo codes for iMessage Stickers - Yes - the first time for iMessage Stickers.  These are Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Stickers - here is his written Review / comments from the Dev:


Hello Rob!

I've been a listener to your podcast for years, and an iPhone user since the 3G. This year i though i'd have a go at making some stickers. It would be great if you could feature it on the show. They sell for $0.99, but i have generated 10 promo codes for listeners.


My Alice in Wonderland sticker pack came about from being a collector or the original Sir John Tenniel illustrations for many years. The illustrations are just beautiful, and there are 50 included, as well as 10 quotations. I intend to push new stickers in a future update.

Very best wishes

Darren (from the UK)



Well thanks to Darren for his comments and review of his iMessage Stickers - and for sending in the 10 promo codes to give away.  Folks if you would like a chance for a promo code for these Stickers - send an email to todayinios at gmail dot com and put Alice  in the subject line.


A QUICK REMINDER if you are an App developer or an iBook Author or an iMessage Sticker Creator email me if you want your app or iBook or stickers featured in the promo give away segment FOR FREE We Just need the 5 promo codes or more to give away. simply email me at today in ios @ and please include a 60 sec or less audio review of your app or iBook or stickers - indicating you are the dev or author or creator.  Also when you send in the promo codes - please make sure to let me know when they expire.  






Well iOS 10.2.1 finally made it to Gold master - and was released this week.  This after 4 betas for a double dot update.


And what did we gain with iOS 10.2.1 - what magical new feature. Ummm - Yeah - bug fixes and optimization are the name of the game for this update.  Oh and there are security improvements.  


Officially from Apple there is mention of under the hood kernel improvements - and bugs that cause auto unlock to unlock when the Apple Watch is off the users wrist.


And well other bug fixes - all pretty yawn yawn.


Should you update today.  Well if today is around Jan 26th - wait a few days or better wait until Ep 420 comes out.  But so far I have not heard anything bad - and it does have security fixes - so if you have a work issued phone - you might want to jump on the update - for personal use - wait until Ep 420 - just to be safe.





If you are a dev - Apple did release iOS 10.3 beta 1.  This was the one that was supposed to be released on Jan 10th. Missed it by two weeks.  Which is pretty bad as it was only predicted less than two weeks before the 10th.  Sunny Dickson missed on the date in that quote leak unquote  - and he missed in the features. As in there was no Theatre mode and popcorn icon.

Also there was not mention of one feature that is in iOS 10.3 beta 1 - and the biggest feature in the new beta - and that is find my AirPods.   


What you will read - is that The AirPods are now included in Find My iPhone app - and people will mis-report that it lets you find them like the banned app - Find AirPods.  OH that is soooo wrong.  They do two different things - that combined actually make finding your AirPods really quick.  I showed my youngest son Porter how to use both apps - I hid one AirPod - and sent him on his way - Less than 60 seconds he found it using both apps.  Actually closer to 40 seconds.  Apple should let Find AirPods app back in - BOOOO.  Dev however said it will not happen.


Let me explain how they are different and can be used together. 

The new AirPods in Find My iPhone - Apples App - will tell you where they are located - like they do for your iPhone and iPad - which is they show you them on the over head map - which basically lets you know they are in your house or somewhere else.  But that is as close as it gets you - not idea where in your house they are.  Are they in pants pockets or a jacket pocket or somewhere else. But what you can do is play a sound on the AirPods - this makes it really easy to find - once you get close.


That brings us back to Find AirPods App - it gets you close with a strength meter - and once you get close more than 3/4’s of the strength bar showing black - I told my son - then play the sound on the find my iPhone app.  He did that - was able to quickly get close enough that when he played the sound he could find them. And I even put them in between couch cushions. 


So combined these two apps help - but sadly - Apple banned one part of this great combo. 



Per the find my iPhone App - it will locate them if they are within bluetooth range of an iOS device using the same iCloud account. If there are none in range - say you left them at work - it will show you the last place they were when they connected to one of your iOS devices - same if the battery dies or closed in the case.  


When you play a sound on the AirPods it almost sounds like Crickets chirping - which is a nice segway into our next new feature - you can now ask siri for Cricket scores and stats for the Indian Premier League and the international Cricket Council.


Some other new features - quote 

Third-party payment app developers will be able to integrate Siri to pay and check the status of bills, 

while ride-booking apps will be able to call on Siri to schedule a ride. 

Apple's CarPlay feature for auto adds shortcuts to launch the last three used apps, 

while Maps now displays EV charging stations.

3D Touch on the weather icon in Maps brings you hourly forecasts, chance of rain and daily high and low temperatures. unquote


But that is not all - the second best new feature for iOS 10.3 - is one that we had been waiting for - A Widget for the Podcast App.

To add this - tap on the home button when locked - then swipe from left to right - Then scroll down and find the edit button tap then - enter your passcode - and then scroll down - add the podcasts app widget and then scroll up and move the podcasts widget to the top of the screen.  So yes - that is a nice addition.


Other new features are :


Safari now supports reduced motion preference in Web Apps.


CarPlay gains quick access to albums from songs in Music, new up Next screen 


It is reported that 10.3 uses the new Apple File system (APFS) - which is better optimized for Solid state storage and should provide improved performance overall.  Will be interesting to see if it brings noticeable improvements to the older iOS devices running iOS 10


Another new option is under Settings - iTunes & App Store - there is a toggle on by default - called - in-App ratings and Reviews.  The description is 


help developers and other users know what you think by letting apps ask for product feedback.  


yeah remember where that toggle is - we will talk about this more later on.


Another place there are some changes - under Settings - Privacy  - there used to be an section called Diagnostics & Usage 

That is now called Analytics - and there is now an option called Share iCloud analytics - that you can toggle on or off.


I went through most of the settings - I will do some more checking and see if any other new features were added - especially when we get to Beta 2.







Devs started looking into the iOS 10.3 source code so that they could find something to report that would allow them to break their NDA with Apple.  And what they found this time - first is a floating keyboard that hovers above apps in a picture in picture sort of way. 


This is not live - but hidden in the code - so it may never come to be - or may be active in iOS 10.3 beta 2.  


This floating keyboard on the iPad is said to be able to be moved from one split screen to the other.  So I can see some advantages.  We shall see if it ever gets out of Alpha mode.


There is also another hidden keyboard that is a gestural keyboard


This one lets you swipe left or right on any key to delete or add a space.


These might not make it to iOS 10.3 - but maybe we see them with iOS 11 if they don’t - this could be the Apple Devs way of doing some advance testing / screening.







While Theater mode was a no show in iOS 10.3 beta 1 - Sorry Sunny - your quote source unquote  did not pan out.  


There is some mentions of Theater mode in the notes for the next beta of the Watch OS - which is not yet available to devs.


So maybe there will be theater mode after all - just not for the iPhone right away.





In addition to iOS 10.3 beta 1 - apple also released on Jan 24th - tvOS 10.2 beta 1.  


From Apple 


About tvOS 10.2 beta

tvOS 10.2 includes includes new features, bug fixes, and improvements in the OS and SDK including:

– Accelerated Scrolling support for UIKit and TVMLKit apps – Device Enrollment Program support – Expanded Mobile Device Management support – Support for the VideoToolbox framework



If anyone is playing with tvOS 10.2 beta 1 - let me know if you find anything else.





Apple announced it will soon let Developers reply to reviews on the iPhone, iPad and Mac App stores.  By the time 10.3 Gold Master makes it to customer - Apple says devs will be able to reply to reviews.


Developer feedback will be shown publicly on the Review pages for all customers to see.  


This is nice in that if someone puts up a bogus review or unfair review or just a clueless review - Devs can now respond.  Luckily the number of times Bogus or unfair or clueless reviews are posted are so far and few between.  It is not like devs will be spending much time responding to said types of reviews.


If you are listening for the first time - that was my sarcasm voice.


FYI - Devs - responding - You’re an idiot - lets see you spend your entire weekend with no sleep coding for ungrateful SOB’s that don’t understand the value of the app they purchased. 


Yeah - those responses will not help.

I wonder is apple will be screening the responses from Devs.


Keep it clean Devs - Apple does have bots that look for vulgarities. 


Now Apple just needs to add that feature to the iTunes Podcast store.  It would be great to respond to those one star reviews - where people thought they were reviews iOS Today and not Today in iOS.


One of the other things Apple is allowing with iOS 10.3 - is the ability for Devs to do a system lever request for App reviews.  


And hence why now there is that toggle I mentioned earlier where you can toggle off the ability for devs to bug your for an App review. If you just never do app reviews - and find devs are abusing this new found power - you can toggle on the kryptonite and turn off their supper power.


Again that was under Settings - iTunes & App Store - and scroll to the bottom - called - in-app ratings & reviews and by default it is turned on.





We are happy to have Away sponsoring us again.  To save $20 on the best luggage go to away travel dot com slash tii and use promo code tii 


Away sent me their Carry on bag earlier last year and I as I said before I love it.  It has a 10,000 MAH battery pack built in.  That will charge an iPhone 6 or 7  Five times. The best part is you can be charging it as you are walking through the airport and waiting on line or even in the restroom.


I will be traveling again next week - kicking off a bunch of trips in the next 3 months.  And I am very great full to have my Away bag and the security of the battery back up.  


But beyond the battery pack it is a great bag and meets my requirements -   wheels under all 4 corners and swivels 360 - making it easy to get down the isle and smooth flow in the airport. And it is double wheels under each corner.  Something I really like.  It is lightweight and very very durable and comes with a lifetime warranty - if anything breaks they will fix or replace it for you for LIFE.  


AND there is a 100 day trial. If it is not for you then just return it for a full refund no questions asked. I love when a company stands behind their product like that.  


The Away bag comes with a charging cord and comes in a really nice Laundry bag. And on the inside there is a bag for your shoes as well.   They really looked at all the details in making the best Carry on bag I have ever owned or seen.  Even the shipping box has nice Away Travel artwork on the inside.  Very very apple-ish.   


In addition to the original carry on they just added a 2nd slightly larger carry on and they also have mid size and large check in bags.  But only the carry on bags have the battery pack. They come in 9 colors as well.  So there is definitely one to match your style.  


To save $20 go to away travel dot com slash tii and use promo code tii .  Again away travel dot com slash tii and use promo code tii to save $20.  This will make a great post holiday present for yourself.




VOICEMAIL - Jim_Watch_volume_control_fdbk 



From Jim Kunz from the Google+ community


Here's an idea for the Apple dev team...Wouldn't it be nice if they could modify the algorithm used for Predictive Text functions so that they don't move a predicted word to a new location after you type one more letter? It's so frustrating when iOS predicts the word you're trying to spell while you're entering a letter. As you move your finger up to select that word, while your finger is in motion, it re-arranges the word choices and you end up selecting a completely different word!

First world problems, I know...




Hi Rob,

Voicemail Transcription Is about to make me scream. Cannot listen to voicemails until they are [extremely]poorly transcribed. Is there anyway out of this? I use visual voicemail only. 


- Judy




VOICEMAIL - Gary_b_sky_bell_issues_cmnts 








We are now over 3,500 members in our Google+ community and growing.


Thanks to everyone that has joined and thanks for the great posts. 


One new post in the G+ community that went up since the last episode was from Lawrence McFarland who asked the following:



Has anyone had any trouble after updating to iOS 10.2.1?




Ken Ostrander replied


I haven't but I haven't heard of anyone with issues.




Kenneth Berger replied


I updated my 6S and Series 1 Watch and have noticed nothing seriously out of the ordinary, except for the phone once not responding to the pause command while on Bluetooth. 



And finally Bob Berberick replied


No issues here: 6s plus, SE, 2 iPad Airs, 1 watch series 2



Francisco Tapia and Barbra E also reported nothing to report with regards to issues. And that is what I have to report - well actually I should say I updated an iPhone 6+ to 10.2.1 GM - and it is fine as well.  And when I had my iPad Pro and iPhone 7+ on Beta 4 - I did not see any issues with them either.  



Since the last episode there were also dozens and dozens of other new posts and comments in the Tii Google+ community - which is an Android fan bois free zone and spammer free zone.  Yup it is the most civil Google+ community covering iOS.  


Folks Go to today in iOS dot com slash community to join in. 


And thanks to all 3,500+ of you already in the community and contributing. 


Also FROM the Google Plus community were these comments per the last episode - which I always pin the last episode at the top.  


From Bob Berberick 


The Mail2widget promo code being offered in this episode is really useful.  I checked it out and purchased because I didn't want to see if I was a winner lol. I am using it often so it's definitely worth the small cost IMHO.








There are a reports in the Apple forum boards of AirPods disconnecting randomly during calls.


I can report having had this happen a few times where one or the other AirPod stops working.  The other keeps going.


Then I have to pull the one out of my ear that is not working and put it back in.  A couple of times that did not work - and I re-cased it and then reinserted to get it to work.


Some are saying they only have this issue when also having an Apple Watch paired.  I will have to see if the issue goes away next time if I just take off my Apple Watch.


Also what is interesting - is the reports are this only happens when on a phone call - listening to Music or Podcasts - no issues - talking on the phone - hit or miss.


The other thing that is reported this only seems to happen when using both AirPods at the same time.


Which is normally how I do calls.  well until I hear the low power chime - then I re-case one and keep talking on the other until it gets down from 10% to 5%.  


In the time it takes the one in use to go from 10% to 5% - the other one charging is typically in the 65 to 70% range on the charge - then I swap them out.






Since the release of the iPhone 7 and 7+ in September - the iPhone 7+ has been supply constrained - it looks like like Apple is finally at Supply - demand harmony.


So just about 1/3rd of the way into the Q1 - Apple is now at a point where is you want an iPhone 7 or 7+ it should be available for you right away. 


Will be interesting to see what Tim says about that on the call next week. 







more reports - this time from the Wall Street Journal - about 3 new iPhones in 2017.  An iPhone 7S and 7S+ at 4.7 and 5.5 inches - and then an iPhone 8 with a wrap around 5.8 inch OLED screen.


This report is saying that the earpiece, FaceTime camera and touch ID will all be embedded into the OLED display - so the entire front of the phone will be screen - no bezel. 






Sticking with iPhone 8 rumors - Ming-Chi Kuo - is reporting that Apple will skip over the touch ID sensor and instead go with several new biometric sensors.  


This includes a new Optical finger print sensor as well as facial recognition sensors.  


Ming-Chi also see OLED screens in the iPhone 8’s future.


However they say the Optical sensor needed for this to work is still in early development and is likely not going to be available this year for mass market.  So not saying there will be no iPhone 8 - just that the facial recognition and new optical finger print sensor are more likely a 2018 or later feature.




CNET put out an article already titled - Everything we know so far about the iPhone 8.


Guess they heard my episode going over things.


Here is what CNET pulled together.


the iPhone 8 will have the A10X or A11 processor.  


It will have a ceramic or glass body 


It will have wireless charging - see previous item.


The display will extend edge to edge 


It will have either virtual home button or no home button.


Enhanced water resistance.


Dual lens camera enable AR capabilities. 


Support for Apple Pencil - seems that was thrown in to make the list longer.


And an Iris Scanner as alternative to Touch ID.


We can add from earlier reports - maybe a combo of Touch ID and facial recognition.







On the last episode - with regards to the rumor of a 10.5 or 10.something new iPad Pro and for it to be released Q1 or Q2 - I said 



So far I have not seen any quote leaked unquote photos of the 10 point something size iPad with edge to edge screen.  This makes me very very skeptical of these rumors. 



Well guess what - a new Rumor over on Apple insider - which says now the new iPads will not launch until second half of 2017.


Shocker - expect the bar to move some more on these iPad rumors.






Ok this next one is an interesting one.  There is a Research company slash group of short sellers - that put out a report about Energous - we mentioned them previously as possibly offering their charging tech to Apple. 


Well the Short siders - called Copperfield Research - they claim that by looking at bunch of Apple Patents that they do not believe Apple will be using Energous’s technology - but rather Apples own home grown tech.


They show a bunch of Apple patents and diagrams from Apple patents to back up their claim - Apple is passing on Energous.  But two things to note.


One Copperfield Research is made up not just short siders - but anonymous researchers - and two - Apple Patents as I have said before - indicate either what is already released or that which will never be released.  Rarely if ever does it indicate future products to be released. 


The ticker symbol for Energous is WATT - it is a stock to watch - as if the short siders drive it down some more - it may be a buying opportunity.  Already it is down more than 22% since this report was published. 


It is currently trading at 14.50 - but I should point out a year ago it was at 4.50.  So lots of room to fall as well. 


Just when I see short sellers using Apple Patents already released to make a point - I see an opportunity for investing. In full disclosure - I have not yet taken a position on WATT - but I am thinking of doing so.





This next one I had to role my eyes on


It is titled - Apple working on Enhanced Siri Capabilities for next-generation iPhones. 


YOU THINK.  That same rumor has been out every year since Siri was released. 


I will not get into details - other than to say No duh - of course Apple is working on improving siri on the next iPhone and the one after that and so on.







Samsung issued a report on why the Galaxy Note 7’s exploded.


They blamed bad batteries and rushed manufacturing.  But really those were by products of the real issue - Samsung tried to shorten the design and production window to beat Apple out the gate with the Note 7.  That ultimately lead to a series of errors - that missed the issue of the batteries in early testing.


Trying to react to their competitor ultimately doomed the Note 7.


They will be talking about this in MBA classes for years and years to come.




VOICEMAIL - Justin_PA_airpods_website_check_stock 




Hi Rob,

In relation to Stewart from Dundee  comments about using voice over with the new AirPods 

A blind pod caster  from Australia has produced a detailed podcast about how the AirPods work with voice-over and a number of Apple devices. 

It is well worth a listen and will answer questions about how a number of audio sources are transferred to the AirPods.



Thanks, Rocco Sydney Australia







Did you ever get the Plug from Indegogo?


I was thinking of getting one.


Your thoughts?


David D Dick


Springfield MO



Latest email from them:



Hey Backers! We hope everyone's 2017 is off to a great start! Great news, PLUG is on a boat headed our way as we speak! It should be here within the next month or so. Keep a lookout for the Backerkit surveys as we get closer to the delivery date.  


So nope - don’t have it yet.


Hopefully sometime next moth.



VOICEMAIL - Barry_apple_TV_home_button_tip





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The sheets from Boll and Branch are made from 100% organic cotton - not because organic is a buzzword but because organic cotton is incredibly soft.  And the sheets get softer each time you wash them.  

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get $50 OFF YOUR FIRST SET OF SHEETS at Boll at Branch dot com, promo code TII.


Again that is Boll and Branch Dot Com.  Promo code TII.


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Go to Boll and Branch Dot Com today for $50 OFF YOUR FIRST SET OF SHEETS.  That's B-O-L-L and Branch dot com, promo code TII.







Some of you are into Leather - I know by the pictures you have sent.  I to am into leather - and have more than few leather outfits I like to break out for special occasions.  I am of course talking about Leather cases for my iOS devices and laptops.


And for those of you looking for a unique leather experience for your iOS devices - there is a kickstarter project called - Nezt - N E Z T - which is handcrafted Leather Portfolio and iPad Covers.


There is just something about a nice hand made leather cover for your iOS devices.  


They say NEZT is quote An all leather portfolio cover, designed by combination of modern and tradition. Handmade with quality leather to last you a lifetime unquote.


They are just looking at raiding 2,000 - they are 55% of the way there.  


You have until Saturday Feb 11th at 8:00 PM CT if you want to be part of this one. 


Right now pricing is $90 for their NEZT organized Leather Case. 


So if you are into Leather and looking for something with a unique and quality look to it - search for NEZT at kickstarter dot com or in the show notes for ep 419 at today in iOS dot com




VOICEMAIL - Scott_DC_Update_on_Phone_issues


Hi Rob,

I have been listening to you for over 3 years. Per the Ep 416 artwork - that was the First time seeing your picture. 


Three things do look like your voice...geeky

Your wife is gorgeous

And that kitchen backsplash is NICE!!!


Keep up the great podcast!






HI Rob, 

Yesterday, I purchased my Apple Air Pods and I would like to share my thoughts on them. 

So here goes!



Looks futuristic and I had gotten some interesting comments on my Facebook post. But that's to be expected. Give it another 3-6 months, that unique style will be a driving reason for people wanting these as gifts or plunk down the cash to get a pair.


Weight, fitting and staying in ear

These are so light.  Without a cord pulling them down or out, they stayed in my ears. Sometimes I did feel the need to push them back in but I like my buds to be in there right.  Even when they are more loose, no worries about them falling out or jiggling away.  If you can wear the ear pods comfortably then your ears are ready for the Air Pods. 


Battery life

As expected, I got 5-6 hours on a charge and at least 4 charges from the case.



I will agree that the audio isn't that great coming from the mics, however I did use them to make calls and they came out great.  People forget that physics does not allow full range sound coming from such small mics as these.  


Pairing them with my iPhone 7 Plus

The initial paring was a breeze.  I describe it as a meeting of 2 best buds, it was that fast.


Range in signal 

Wow!  Was able to walk through my whole house of 1500 square feet without as much as a single glitch.


The sound quality

Just amazing.  When paired with other Bluetooth devices, these ear buds sound fantastic.  However when paired with the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, the true potential of these Air Pods is released. The bass was quite substantial and the treble was crystal clear.  The best sounding ear bud I ever have tried out.


Other thoughts 

Over the past 3-4 months, I have read or listened to one review after another and I can say that the vast majority reviewers out there are full of IT.  Clearly, they either don't know what good sound is or are just outright biased.  


So what do I know about sound to make such claims?


I am a professional Disc Jockey, I get many compliments about how good my sound system sounds.  Many times, it's the best they have ever heard.  Sound that good doesn't just come by accident.  I also do some live sound as well.


And at the risk of reinforcing stereotypes, I am visually impaired.  Need I say more on that topic?


To sum it up. I Know my sound and these Air Pods are awesome.  They are worth the $159 USD.  




St. John's, Newfoundland 


VOICEMAIL -  George_NC_Quest_iPhone_bluetooth_from_appleTV





Hi Rob,

You rarely talk of jail breaking these days. Please give your thoughts on jailbreaking in general these days and in particular, on this article about jailbreaking iOS 10.2.

Thanks for all you do to help us get the most from our iOS devices. 

Dr. John M



Hi Dr. John - not much to report - the iOS 10.2 Jailbreak is not yet available.


You can jailbreak up to 10.1.1


And the latest news about the 10.2 jailbreak is about needing save the blobs.  I have said it before - if a jailbreak will not work for an out of the box iPhone running the latest version of iOS - then it is not a viable solution.  When it requires you to save blobs before updating.  Yeah - not high on my list and not something I will recommend. 


Untethered - and out of the box - latest version of iOS need to be the situation to call it a good jailbreak.


I also don’t talk much about jailbreaking - as the need for it has greatly declined in recent years. At least for no power users.


In the old days I could justify a jailbreak for almost any user - you would be hard pressed to justify it for more than a small percentage of users today.


Tell me why I am wrong - if you are still jailbreaking - tell me the reasons why - tell me why My wife or mom should jailbreak. 


206 - 666 - 6364 - that 206 - moon dog




VOICEMAIL - Brent_OKC_Apple_TV_single_sign_in_fdbk 



Hi Rob

No search of Google has revealed a viable or sensible answer to this frustrating problem:

I use the Notes app A LOT, more than any other, for making rough bus timetables or schedules as part of my job.  This involves a lot of numbers side by side but the app insists on turning them into hyperlinks.  Every time I go to edit a note, it scrolls to the top and hyperlinks almost everything.


Surely after 10 years Apple have provided a facility to give an option to turn this off, but I can't find it. 


Best wishes,

Alf, Sheffield UK



Hi Rob I'm the proud owner of an iPhone 6 Plus recently I managed to get my hands on an iPhone 6s for very cheap but now I'd like to unlock it from its original carrier I see that there are a lot of options online and wonder number one can I do it myself and number two is there anybody better to do it then the carrier who actually charges $50


Hi Steve,


I would first suggest contacting the company you want to sign up with and use the iPhone on their network.


See what their advice is.  Depending on the state of the phone - there are multiple paths you can take to get it working.


If you go back to the original carrier to start with - you may find you ask for the wrong type of help.


Your new carrier will have the most incentive to give you the right advice.


That all said - if someone listening is looking to unlock their own phone they had from day one - then yes in that case absolutely go to the original carrier and ask for an unlock.   


Rob W



Hi Rob,

It's been a while since I've reached out, but wanted to tell you that my collection now includes a new 21.5 iMac, upgraded to 9.7" iPad Pro, and now a series 1 space gray Apple Watch.  What a combination.


The ability to unlock the iMac with the watch is awesome. Now, I'm just learning the watch, but there is definitely a place for it in my space.  The best part is that my wife, who used to mock my desire to have one, saw mine for 5 minutes and decided to take the one I bought and sent me back for another of my own. 


Still love the show and yes... there isn't much to put in the show, but thanks for all you do.  You have helped educate me into expanding my presence in the ecosystem in an educated manner.  That sir is truly appreciated!


Peter from Austin.



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Hey Rob,

Your "Hey Siri, can you see me?" segment inspired me to ask, "Hey Siri, can I talk to you for a moment?" There are some pretty good responses to that one too.




Ep 419 - Ask Siri - Can I talk to you for a moment







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