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iOS Artwork - iTem 0420 and Episode Transcript

Feb 12, 2017



Welcome to the show I am your host Rob and you are listening to the Today in iOS podcast -  First up I want to thank Karthik for sending in the music you hear in the background. Karthik wrote: 


Hi Rob,

I am submitting my song Teeny Tiny to play on the show. This song was created using the apps Korg Gadget, GarageBand and Auto-Tune Mobile on my iPad Air 2. The song is dedicated to my daughter who is also my #1 fan.


To find more of my music please check out


~Karthik M 




Thanks Karthik for the music and folks I will put the full song at the end of the episode.  I also want to thank NEAL for sending in the Artwork for today's show.  NEAL wrote the following:


Hi, Rob.

Hey love the show! Here's some art I do live onstage during live music then throw it in the imagine app and photoshop app my page is and feel free to grab any of my art for your show.





Thanks NEAL, for sending in this artwork which and folks you can see NEAL'S artwork in the FREE Tii App via the BONUS button for ep 420 - or at and also as a stand alone post in the VIP section and at


If you have some artwork and or music you have created on your iOS device that you would like to share with the audience please email it to me at today in iOS at gmail dot com and please make sure to include which app or apps you used to create said artwork and or music.  


One thing I would love to do this year - is if you can get a picture of yourself in front of your local Apple store - Take that picture - put the Tii or Today in iOS branding on it - and also the City and state or Country on the artwork saying which apple store it is.  I would like to kick that off starting in April with the 10 year anniversary of the show.  Make sure to get all of the Apple store in there and again to add in the store location using an app like over - and also put Tii or Today in iOS on the artwork. 


I am completely out of Music - so if you have some music you created on an iOS device - please  send it in. 





In this segment of how wrong were they we have the following quote -- quote 

“iHeads” who continually proclaimed the imagined superiority of Apple smartphones vs. those of Samsung now have grudging respect for the Korean giant, and will soon be awed by Sony and LG.” unquote

Henry Long, Seeking Alpha, 6 September 2013


As I have said many times - Seeking Alpha should be called - Seeking Intelligence - because they have none.  I am an iHead and I have no grudging or other wise respect for Samsung - They copy - they rush products to market early that explode then their replacements explode too - nope no respect there.  And Sony and LG - ummm - lets see - last year in one quarter LG revealed they lost $390 Million for their smartphone division.  And sony just to break even had to downsize and sell less smartphones last year.  Just 19 Million units the whole year.  That less than half of What Apple does in a really bad quarter - R E S P E C T - ummm no.  Not for Sammy, Not for Sony, Not for LG and definitely not for Henry Long. 




For Promo codes - On Ep 419 we offered up chances to win promo codes for The iMessage Stickers  - Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland -    If want more info go back and listen to the beginning of Ep 419 - but I have already given all those out.  


This week we have promo codes for a couple of apps - The first App is  - Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD  


Here is the review from the devs:



"Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD” is a sequel to the famous tower defense strategy game, with new weapons, landscapes, and options. 


The core of the game is still the same: entire armies of enemies rush at your defenses, trying to destroy them by any means necessary. But now they’re even more powerful and madder than ever.


You’ll have access to older, time-tested turrets, as well as completely new types of weapons. It’s up to you to decide how to spend your available budget.  

All aspects of the game have been meticulously balanced, including tower statistics, enemy strength, terrain characteristics, and special weapons. 




• Eight levels, with new levels coming in future updates


• Four difficulty levels


• Eight kinds of turrets


• Eight special abilities, from Air Strikes to Nuclear Bombs


• Varied seasons and types of landscapes


• Support for over 20 languages




Well thanks to the Devs for their Review of THEIR App - Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD   and for sending in the promo codes to give away.  Folks if you would like a chance for a promo code for this App - please send an email to todayinios at gmail dot com and put Defense in the subject line.



We also have promo codes for the App CueMusic - one word. Here is the written review from the dev:




Hi there, I'm Olga - a developer of CueMusic app. With CueMusic you can easily mark and playback parts of your favourite songs!


Simply add your working tracks from iTunes library, mark the in and out points for multiple segments, label them and play each individually or in sequence.


You may slow down or speed up your playback and use a countdown delay before playing each segment.


If you decide to use a different version of a track, just load a new version over existing list of segments.


Inspired by a personal experience creating and practicing a dance choreography, CueMusic is great for anyone looking for a better way to cue up custom song segments for review and practice.


Cue your music effortlessly with CueMusic app! 




Thanks to Olga for the Review of the App - CueMusic   and for sending in the promo codes to give away.  Folks if you would like a chance for a promo code for this App - please send an email to todayinios at gmail dot com and put CueMusic one word spelled - C U E M U S I C in the subject line.   


As Always - just send in one email for one specific APP.  If you send in multiple emails or ask for multiple  APPS in a single email - then well - No Soup for you.  


A QUICK REMINDER if you are an App developer or an iBook Author or an iMessage Sticker Creator email me if you want your app or iBook or stickers featured in the promo give away segment FOR FREE We Just need the 5 promo codes or more to give away. simply email me at today in ios @ and please include a 60 sec or less audio review of your app or iBook or stickers - indicating you are the dev or author or creator.  Also when you send in the promo codes - please make sure to let me know when they expire.  






Apple released iOS 10.3 beta 2 this past week.  


As is typical with additional beta updates - it is mostly about bug fixes and Optimization.  


That said there are a few minor changes - Apple re-enabled call blocking extensions - which oddly was disabled in beta 1.  

Wi-Fi calling for Three Network in the UK is enabled in Beta 2.  


one of the bug fixes has to do with the iPad Pro and issues with the apple pencil charging.  It now charges. 


Nothing really exciting in the big picture - and it took two weeks for this update.  Will be interesting to see if they speed up the updates.  One rumor out there is 10.3 will launch in March with the introduction of new iPads.  I am highly skeptical on that - but we shall see.  


Here is some feedback on the 10.3 Beta from one of the Tii Listeners. 



Hi Rob, 

I recently updated to the public beta of version 10.3. I really like the new layout of the settings but noticed something odd. When looking at my Watch in device info, it shows find by watch is off (please see attached photo) yet when I go to iCloud to search for it, it shows up no problem. What's more is I can't find how to turn it on. I dont know if this is a bug or is this normal since the watch doesn't use GPS unless I'm using an exercise app? 










One item that is new to iOS 10.3 - betas - which I did not see mentioned until recently is that there is a key new feature app devs will like.  And that is the ability to change your desktop icon for your app with out having to resubmit a brand new IPA.  


Ok - there is a little catch - you need to upload your app with multiple versions ahead of time - then you can switch between them.


In more technical terms with iOS 10.3 SDK devs can now use a new instance method to specify a primary app icon as well as one or more alternative icons. 


Note - the end user must approve the change.  So the app would ask if you would like to change / update the App icon for say Tii - or so it seems - there was some uncertainty on if end users had to approve each change for the App icon or just the first time it is wanting to be updated.


More on this one I am sure in the future.  But I am sure App devs can have some fun with this.  






But it was not just iOS 10.3 Beta 2 apple released last week - they also released or seeded - tvOS 10.2 Beta 2 


The tvOS betas do require connecting your apple tv to your computer with a USB A to UBS C cable.  As such - these betas are just limited to Devs or access to a dev account whose wives will then allow them to run the beta on their Apple TV’s - sadly one of those requirements I do not meet.


As near as I can find from the limited number of articles on this Beta 2 - is just about bug fixes and optimization.






Apple also released watchOS 3.2 beta 2 for Devs on Feb 6th.


The big update with watchOS 3.2 beta is the Theater mode - which when enabled - does not light up the screen when moving your arm and it mutes all sounds on the Apple watch.





Apple had their quarterly conf call this past week - and beat the street and their own expectations.  Here is some of the info from the call.  

Apple Q4 2016 - Quarterly Report Summary:

Rev = $78.4 Billion (vs $75.9 Billion a year ago quarter and $46.9 Billion last quarter)

Total Cash = $246.1 Billion (Up $8.5 Billion for the quarter from $237.6 Billion)

231 Billion of that is over seas.  

Last Quarter Sales:

iPhones Sold = 78.3 Mil (vs 74.8 Mil a year ago quarter and 45.5 Mil last quarter)

iPads Sold = 13.1 Mil (vs 16.1 Mil a year ago quarter and 9.3 Mil last quarter)

Mac's Sold = 5.4 Mil (vs 5.3 Mil a year ago quarter and 4.9 Mil last quarter)


Misc Notes:

Apple Reported All time records for Revenue, EPS and iPhone Sales in a quarter. 

EPS = $3.36 a share.  Cash flow of $27.1 Billion. 

Next Cash Dividend will be Feb 16th for those owning stock EOD on Feb 13th.

Tim went on to emphasize - this was the Highest revenue ever for Apple in a quarter, Highest iPhone Sales.  Highest Apple Watch Sales - Units and Revenue.  Highest EPS.  Highest Mac Revenue ever.  Record Revenue for Services. It was a good quarter to say the least.  


Services revenue this year alone will be size of a fortune 100 company.  And Apple has plans to double it in the next 4 years. 


7+ demand exceeded supply in Q4 and came into Balance in Jan.  7+ saw best demand for a + model.


AirPods - They love the response - But no numbers - just said they are working to catch up to demand. 


Tim said he is eating their dog food for Home Kit.  Using it for his home automation.  FYI - he is a coffee drinker.  


Double Digit iPhone growth - US, Canada, Japan and other countries. 


Exited quarter at low end of Channel inventory.  


43% - year over year 4th quarter App Revenue growth.  When looking at first 14 weeks.  


There was an extra week in the last quarter vs the year ago quarter. 


13.1 Mil iPads units sold and they decreased Channel inventory by 700k vs year ago adding 900k.  So that is a 1.6 Mil swing on inventory - so really not 13.1 Mil vs 16.1 Mil a year ago - more like 13.8 vs 15.2 Mil.  Still less year over year.  

That said for Tablets costing over $200 - Apple has an 85% market share.  


Last quarter Apple Returned almost $15 Billion to Investors.  


Question about the $200+ Billion over seas - if it is unlocked and brought home.


Tim is optimistic that in 2017 - will likely see congress allow repatriation of the Funds - but would not say what they will do with the money - but they are looking at acquisitions - And they currently are doing 15 to 20 acquisitions a year and that are looking for companies of all sizes.  There is not a size they would not do -  NETFLIX.  

Interesting after saying no size they would not do - he then talked about Original Content - NETFLIX.  

Then talked about Apple TV - NETFLIX.

Then talked about original content again - NETFLIX


But would not say what companies they would purchase - NETFLIX


Per questions about how they will grow services.

Apple said it would be mostly around the App store.  

Which they mentioned the 40+ % growth in App sales year over year - not sure why it will take 4 years to double.  It seems it should double in 2 years min and 3 years worst case - unless they expect greatly reduced growth rate. 


Highest number of switchers of any quarter - and highest number of upgraders of any quarter last quarter.  And they were supply constrained. 


Tim said the Customer Satisfaction for iPad Pro is 99%. 

And that 1% there is nothing you can do to satisfy them.  Those are the type of people that bitch and moan about people hitting them up for money when they win the lottery.


Some other miscellaneous notes from the call.


Apple Pay transactions up 500% year over year - but that is fun with numbers with out any real numbers.


Over 1 Million people are using CarPlay - that is real numbers.




I often say at the end of these -I have not idea how Wallstreet will react to this news - but given the delay of this episode - I actually do know how they reacted - and it was a major uptick in the price to its all time highs - with Apple stock now at $132 a share - that is a 46% increase in the share price from the low point in the past 12 months.  


So year - Wallstreet was pretty happy with last quarters numbers and rightly so.  


Funny thing is my one Troll that emails me when the price drops - he has been really quiet - so I poked him a little - and well - Trolls are trolls - and only happy when things are going south.






After Apple gave out their numbers and said Apple Watch had it best quarterly revenue ever - Strategy Analytics released a report covering SmartWatch market share.


Of which - Apple has a resounding 63.4% Market share - with 5.2 Million units sold.  Vs second place Sammy - with 800,000 in revenue - which was not quite enough for a even a 10% market share.


Of course the Apple Watch numbers as well as all others in that Strategy Analytics report are just rough estimates - as Apple did not give any specific numbers per Apple Watch sales.






Strategy Analytics also put out another creative writing report for Smartphone sales - and in 2016 they guessed there were 1.5 Billion units sold.  And in the 4th quarter - Apple captured first place with 17.8% market share.  And the 4th quarter saw a 9% increase year over year resulting in 438.7 million units sold in the quarter - which means Apple sold 78 Million iPhones - and hey that matches up to what Apple said.


Samsung they said shipped 77.5 Million smartphone in Q4 - this was a 5% decline year over year for Sammy - if only there was some obvious reason of this decline.  Go ahead - think of the reason - ok - good - you are getting hotter - and hotter - and really hot - wow - you are so hot you are going to explode. 


Of course all these unit market shares pale in comparison to Profit Share %’s and as we have said before - Apple is really about the only one Making a profit - getting over 90% of the smartphone Profit share for 2016.  I guess all those other companies are just in the Smartphone market as a hobby.  Gee I hope the other folks don’t get serious and try to make money selling smartphones.  





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For you world travelers - Truphone has some exciting news - they have introduced International Data plans for iPad users with an Apple SIM.  Rates are:

8 euros for 500 MB 

11 euros for 1GB

20 euros for 3 GB 


Each plan lasts up to 30 days and can be used in 40 countries - such as the US, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Spain and the UK to name just a few.


For now HOWEVER - you need to be in Spain when initially purchasing  So really World travelers for now where their plans take then through Spain.


That said - Truphone did say they plan to roll the plans out across Europe and other countries in the coming weeks.


The Apple SIM is embedded in the 9.7 Inch iPad Pro - and was pre-installed in the following cellular Enabled iPad:


iPad Air2

iPad Mini 3

iPad Mini 4

and 12.9 inch iPad Pro


For units sold in the US, Australia, Canada, France, German, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK and of course Spain.


If you did not get yours there - don’t fret - it is available for purchase separately at Apple store locations - where truphone will also be active and available for sign up.


TruPhone Data plans can be purchased on compatible iPads by going to Settings - Mobile Data - Set up Mobile Data 






Well right on cue kinda - Apples new BeatsX wireless headphones went on sale this past week.


These are the ones using the same wireless tech as the AirPods and were introduced back in September.  But just now are going on sale.


They will set you back $150 - but hey you get 3 months of free Apple music with them.  You also get a short USB to lightening cord for charging - this is the first Beats product with a lightening port. There is a travel case and some additional - ear tips with four size options, and removable secure-fit wingtips, 


There are four color options - White, Black, Gray and Blue.  


So how do they compare to the AirPods - Battery life is 8 hours on a full charge vs 5 hours for the AirPods - but that is if the AirPods don’t have the case - and if you do - and switch from one to the other and back - you can go for well over 24 hours with the AirPods.  The Beats X does offer a quick charge where you can get 2 hours of battery life with just 5 minutes of charge - and 45 Minutes of charge for the full 8 hours.  But still - if you are out and about and no way to charge - having the AirPods case on you is the better option - Win to AirPods.  



One thing I heard on one of the video reviews is the BeatsX are NOT sweat proof - so if you are someone that gets back from a jog and your shirt now weighs 5 pounds from all the sweat - they are probably not for you.  



The beatsX do have the three button controls you are used to on standard wired EarPods. So clearly - if you like the 3 button controllers for music and play / pause and skip song - then the BeatsX is the clear winner.  


Audio quality wise the BeatsX from the reviews out there do beat - no pun intended - the AirPods.  But some reviewers were expecting more bass - as they are beats right and beats is synonymous with way too much bass.   Well it seems Apple dialed the bass back down from 11 on these to a manageable 8 or 9  - but still more bass then the AirPods.  Not surprising that the BeatsX would have better sound quality for Music. 


Price wise - the AirPods are just $10 more.  But the AirPods did not have the Apple Music code - so that is another $30 difference if you were planning on Apple Music.





Barbara E on Google Plus

Quote Beats x ordered today. First showed as delivery Feb 22, but when order was processed, showed Feb 15. All four colors, no store pickup. I ordered white.



Folks once you get your BeatsX - please call via them with your review.  206-666-6364 - that 206-moon-dog






Speaking of the AirPods - Apple rolled out an update for AirPods Firmware bumping from 3.3.1 to version 3.5.1 


To see if your AirPods are updated - which chances they are - with your AirPods connected to your iPhone or iPad - go to settings - General - About - and then scroll down to below SEID - and you will see AirPods.  But you will only see this if your AirPods are connected to your iOS device.



If your firmware version is not 3.3.1 - then place both AirPods in the charging case leaving the lid open and leaving them connected to your iPhone.  The update should install automatically in the background - wait a little bit then re-check the firmware version in the About section again and it should then show the latest firmware.





VOICEMAIL - Louis_fdbk_iOS10dot3beta1



Hi Rob,

Thank you for that tip about the new setting for app feedback. I get really irritated when apps I have given 5 star reviews to, keep popping up requests for an app review. This is great.

Also, I am a VoiceOver user and there is a HUGE improvement in 10.3 beta 1.

Since iOS 10 came out, VoiceOver had two major issues. 1. when you opened an email, focus was in the header, instead of the body of the message, which means you had to find the start of the message in order to read it without all the header crap. Now, we are back to focusing on the body.

2. in HTML messages or web pages, VoiceOver started reading the html elements, "column 3, row 1 ..." after just about every bloody line. It made reading truly annoying. That nonsense is gone finally in 10.3 beta 1.

Thanks again for your informative show.


Portland, OR.


From Barry Smitherman


A Tip: when you do a network reset, you will lose all wifi codes. If you use keychain, ALL devices will lose your wifi codes. 

To preserve your codes, turn off keychain before you reset. After you're done, turn it back on and,  Wifi codes come right back.




A tip from me - This has to do with installing stickers for iMessage.  Once you have purchased or installed new stickers you may not see them in your stickers - If this is the case - go to the messages app - start a new message and tap on the App icon - it looks like a big A. 


Then tap on the four dots in the lower left - then tap on the + symbol that says “store” under it.  Then carefully tap on Manage in the upper right - it is easy to tap “done” by accident.  Actually it is easy to tap done even when trying hard not to - so Tap low on “Manage".  Then you should see toggle buttons for the different stickers - turn on the stickers you just downloaded - plus any others not showing up.  And I recommend all people check that out - some of the apps you have may have downloaded stickers for you that you did not know were available.  Like the IMDB app or Periscope or Shazam or Target or Yelp to name a few that were sitting there not turned on for me - and well still are not turn on.


I am sure you will find stickers from apps you had no idea had stickers or in the case of Periscope would never ever expect to have stickers. 


Hi Rob,

The iPhone Bluetooth is a transmitter and you need a receiver to listen to your tv. If you want to use wired headphones, get a Griffin iclip or similar device. $20-30. 

Mike R 



VOICEMAIL - Scott_DC_Airpods_accessories







If you have listened to the past few episodes - you know one of my issues with the AirPods is no buttons to adjust volume - so you must use siri - if you don’t want to adjust on the phone or via an Apple watch.


However there is a way to check your volume level and then also adjust to what ever level you want.


Double tap on the AirPods - and ask siri - What Percent is the volume?  


And she will reply with for example Volume is 75%.


Then you can command Siri to quote Change volume to 32% or any other percentage you want.


That said - what she really will do is set it at the closest default setting which is:


0, 13, 25, 38, 50, 63, 75, 88 and 100 percent.






Lots of fun rumors out there about the next Generation iPhone.


One of them is that pricing for this phone could be over $1,000.


Why so pricey - well it has to do with all the new super tech likely to be added.


An OLED screen for example - this for a new 5.8 inch version.  


It would also have a glass back and wireless charging tech.


ming Chi Kuo goes a step further and says ALL 2017 iPhones will feature an all glass design and wireless charging - so the 4.7, 5.5 and 5.8 iPhones would all support wireless charging.


Some rumors this past week go so far as to say the lightening port would be removed from the iPhone next gen along with all other buttons.  Ummm - No.


Ming Chi - goes on to guess / speculate / predict - that because of wireless charging - the devices will have more heat - and Apple will need to add a heat shield to the devices to protect the 3D touch sensor.  This Graphite heat shield - because you know getting specific like that adds credibility - will add cost to the units.






One of the other rumors is that Apple will begin iPhone 8 production earlier than usual with quote more stringent inspection requirements unquote. 


Because you know - there is no way to prove this or disprove it.


This is coming from Niche research firm - read small - BlueFin Research Partners.  


And they wrote quote

The most intriguing data points that we have uncovered suggests that AAPL is ramping the next generation iPhones earlier than historical norms, although we have no indication that there has been any change in release plans for the iPhone 8/X. Builds have been pulled in a few months while aggregate next generation forecasts have increased 10% from last month to 122M. Additionally, AAPL has adjusted iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and SE production downward in preparation for the next generation launch.



I have seen others out there speculating this might mean an early summer release of iPhones this year for various reasons.  including making it tough to do year over year comparisons or because Apple has other great new products for the fall to introduce - to well because - I thought this would make great link bait.


I kind of thing it is last one.







I mentioned earlier I was a skeptical of new iPads with iOS 10.3 launches - well there are reports now of Stock out of iPad Pros - Checks of Apple’s online store reveals that most if not all 12.9 inch iPad pro’s are now at 2 to 3 weeks for delivery in the US and other countries.  Recently it had been 1 to 2 weeks.


Apple’s in-store pick up tool lists most 12.9 inch iPad pros as available on March 3rd to March 6th in locations ranging all across North America


Of course this could all just be about supply chain issues - as Apple did say they under estimated iPad demand last quarter and had an issue with one of its suppliers.  


So you know still color me skeptical.





Thanks again to Texture for supporting this show. 


As I said before Texture is essentially the netflix of Magazines.  You get access to over 200 of the top magazines.  And here is what is really important in the current environment - these are real news publications - no fake news from either the Right or the Left.  We are talking real credible news magazines like TIME Magazine, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, The Atlantic and many others. You know the type that still believe in two verified sources before reporting something.  


But you only need one app and service to get all these great magazines and that is Texture. 


And Texture really helps me keep track of the podcasting Marketplace and the Smartphone industry - That is the beauty of Texture you get access to over 200 top magazines covering every niche with your subscription.  

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The magazines look great on your iPhone or iPad and that means you have access to all the magazines any time anywhere.  And here is what I really like - you can search for a topic across all the magazines.  Search for Podcast - and sort by newest and I can keep up to date on my day job.

  • Why on earth would you subscribe to just a couple of magazines when you could have all of the best ones, on your smartphone or tablet, all the time - for WAY less

Sign up for Texture right now and gain insider access to all the content from the world’s best publications and no trees were killed to bring you these great publications - it is all just bits man.


Once again go to texture dot com slash tii to get your free 14 day trial. And let me know what your favorite magazines are.        







Have you seen those privacy screen protectors for laptops where you can only see what is on the screen if you look straight on - but from the sides - it is black.


Well there is a kickstarter project for a screen protector for the iPhone that does the same thing.


The project is called Peek Screen 2.0 - Privacy & protection for your iPhone 


Quote bringing strength, durability & privacy yo your mobile device.  Tempered glass - we’ve redesigned it again.



They have raised $10k towards a goal of 11.4k  And you have until Saturday April 8th at 7:02 AM CT to fund this one - so ummm - yeah they will hit their goal and then a lot more.


Early bird pricing is $14 - and they have versions for the iPhone 6, 6S, 6+, 6S+, 7 and 7+


Delivery is estimated in Sep 2017 - yikes


If you miss the early bird - there are 43 left out of 200 - then the next price is $25.


If you want to see this project just search for Peek Screen - two words in Kickstarter or in the show notes for ep 420






Back in the Middle of November I was flown out to New York City for Microsoft Connect - And I did a few recordings at the event.  


I had the first recording from that event on Ep 413 - what was where I talked to Donovan Brown.  If you did not hear that interview definitely go back to Ep 413 to listen to it.  


I wanted to spread out the interviews a little bit - and this Episode I have the interview with John Montgomery the Director of Program Management for Visual Studio. 


Note again this was recorded in Mid-November right before Thanksgiving.   


And the interviews runs 27 Minutes long.  


With out further ado - here we go.






Thanks again to John for coming on the show - and you can follow him on Twitter @ j o h n m o n t


And you can learn more about visual studio at visual studio dot com 





many times I asked siri 

but not one time was this Asked

Tell me a Hai Ku


Ep 420 - Ask Siri - Tell me a haiku




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