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New iPhone Pricing Matrix for Fall 2018

Jul 21, 2018

iPhone Pricing Matrix Fall 2018 vs Fall 2017

Above is the what looks like will be the pricing matrix for 2018 iPhones vs 2017 iPhone lineup.  

With intro pricing being $349 for the SE2, $449 for the 7, $549 for the 7+, $599 for the 8,  $699 for the 8+, $799 for the 9, $899 for the Xs and $999 for the Xs+ 
The SE2, 7 and 7+ would come in 32 GB and 128 GB versions.  The rest would be in 64 and 256 GB versions with a $100 adder for the 128 GB version and a $150 adder for the 256 GB versions.  
When you look at the new price matrix for 2018 - it make a lot more sense in fills in a gap that is in the current matrix between the 8+ and X pricing.    

Also from an inside source / person in the know - code named AC - The "Fall" event will be Wed Sep 12th, Preorders starting 12:01 AM Sep 14th and Launch / delivery of new iPhones starting on Sep 21st.


I talk more about the new iPhones in Ep 467 of Today in iOS.