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Apr 7, 2010

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Apps Mentioned in this Episode:
Tii App v1.5.1

Brushes iPad App
Touch Physics HD
Mobile Toolz HD

over fourteen years ago

Hey Rob, Love the show. Just noticed you omitted from your "Apps Mentioned in this Episode" all of the Cydia apps you ran through when you were speculating about 4.0 OS features. Here is the list you ran through in case you want to amend you notes.

Backgrounder - Cydia
Winterboard - Cydia
Multifl0w - Cydia
Screensplitr - Cydia
Five Icon Dock - Cydia
Lockdown - Cydia
Springlocker - Cydia
OverBoard - Cydia
BTstack - Cydia

It was a pretty good list, I hadn't heard of overfl0w I was using Kirikae to do basically the same thing, but Overfl0w looks like a nicer interface, I am definitely going to check it out.

Thanks Again,

over fourteen years ago

You mentioned the iPad's email was easy to setup, but I'd like to know if the setup is for IMAP or exchange activesync (push) email?