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Rob W
over thirteen years ago

Hi Rob,

Technically this is about more than one households but I thought you'd want to know about it. My husband and I each have an iPad, mine is the 64 3G. I also bought an iPad for my 4 year old grandson and my 4 month old grand daughter, they live in the same house.

The 5th one I bought was for my sister in another town when she retired. So, I have purchased 5 iPads for family members.

Happy New Year from a big fan,


Thomas White
over thirteen years ago

Hi Rob & All,
The iPad Clam Case gift card (value $119) is only $99 until 12/30/10. So the card only cost $99 when you get the code by email use it at checkout it will show a value of $119 with free shipping. Use TII ep link then at the page scroll to the bottom for the link to the gift card.

Rob W
over thirteen years ago

Hi Rob,
We have 4 iPads. I purchased them all. You asked, so here is the rundown:

#1 was a gift to my wife, a ruse to get one in the house. It was a lucky snag at Best Buy in West Lebanon, New Hampshire early on after they initially carried them. It is a 64GB wi-fi version. She loves it and I got to use it too as....

#2 iPad took me many weeks to find. I soon realized how lucky I had been finding iPad #1. I wanted a 3G model for it's GPS capability to run the navigation app iNavx on our boats. But in my long search on a drive down the US east coast, I couldn't find any iPads. Eventually, the next iPad I found was a 64GB wi-fi. I hadn't seen an iPad in weeks, So on impulse I bought it, at the Apple store in Jacksonville Florida while ashore from my ship. I use it for podcasts and web surfing in my travels running off a Verizon MiFi.

#3 is a 64GB 3G that runs iNavx, being a fully functional handheld chart plotter at sea. The touch screen works well thru a clear ziplock freezer bag for waterproofness. It also has Star Walk celestial app for night watch star and satellite identification. Being able predict when the International Space Station is visible overhead makes the watch at sea seem to go by faster.

#4 iPad I bought for a sick family member as a laptop replacement. It is a 16GB 3G email and web surfing machine connected to AT&T and a new HP Airprinter.

In our house we also have all 4 generations of iPhone, 2 Macs, 1 MacBook, 1 MacBook Pro, 4 iTouches, 3 Nanos and a Time Machine. We also have 4 legacy PCs running old TVs and stuff.

Thanks for asking!

Rob W
over thirteen years ago

Hi Rob
Thank you fir the show. Regarding a to do list that works on a pc and iOS device, I use Google tasks on the PC and it syncs perfectly with gootasks on my iPhone. It even pushes annoying badges letting me know to finish the tasks.
Ps please more appletv info, just got mine and am loving it but I can't stream my iPhone4 videos to it, shouldn't that be easy, just saying.

Jeff H
Redmond WA


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the feedback on the notes.

Per Apple TV and streaming video from the iPhone 4 - yes it should work better. Right now it officially only supports a couple of apps - but their are jailbreak apps that help.

Add the source -

Then search for the App - AirVideoEnabler