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Mar 1, 2011

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Links Mentioned on this Episode:

 AT&T CEO: Apple’s App Store Bad for Consumers

Exclusive: Verizon iPhone sales fail to meet expectations | BGR

Technology News: iPhone: Verizon iPhone Sales: The Untold Story

Mini iPhone: Conflicting Claims - PCWorld

Fisher Price releases iCan Play Case 

Cydia Blocked on Three UK, Ireland and China Unicom | Redmond Pie

Unblock Access to Cydia on Three 3G Network | Redmond Pie

iPhone and FiOS TV: A Perfect Pairing

Verizon iPhone Unlocked To Work On China Telecom’s CDMA Network

Look no further, the world's fastest iPhones are in Israel

Apple's new subscription service under DOJ and FTC scrutiny

Warner Bros launches Inception and The Dark Knight movie apps

Sixth Grader Finds Nude Pictures of Librarian on School iPad | PadGadget

Motorola's iPad competing Xoom won't immediately support Adobe Flash

Despite exponential growth, Android Market revenue remains low

Apple New iPad Shipments May Be Delayed, Yuanta Analysts Say

iPhone 5 Might Not Launch Until September

Apple to Unveil IPad 2 on March 2 in San Francisco | AllThingsD

Apple Event confirmed for March 2nd: iPad 2 incoming - SlashGear

FTC Investigating iPhone and iPad In-App Purchases | PadGadget

Farcical Xoom 4G Upgrade Plan Requires 6-Day Mail-In Operation

Consumer Reports slams the Verizon iPhone 4

Verizon says iPhone 4 launch largest in its history, LTE on the way

iPad 2: Will Apple Surprise Us Next Week with Immediate Availability?

Report: 1M Verizon iPhones Sold at Launch

First Jailbreak Convention To Be Held In September

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Apps Mentioned on this Episode:

Tii App

Photo Shop Express


MediaPad Pro

Gentle Reminder

Ball Catcher

Event Bookings

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