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Mar 21, 2011

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Links Mentioned in this episode:

YouTube - Today in iOS Jailbreak App Demo - FBPhotoSave

iOS 4.3 available for download from Apple | ZDNet

Apple - Support - iOS 4.3 drains my battery

iOS 4.3 released, numerous security vulnerabilities patched

Apple iPad 2 GPU Performance Benchmarked - AnandTech 

Want new gesture controls in iOS 4.3 on your iPad? Here's how

iPad 2 totally sold out, 70% to new buyers - Fortune Tech

New “AirPlay Enabled Apps” Section Appears In App Store

Is iOS 4.3 Killing Your Battery Life?

'iPhone 5' cases show not much will change from iPhone 4

iPad - iPad WiFi - iPad WiFi + 3G - Apple Store (U.S.)

Apple iPad 2 Shortage Favors Motorola Xoom in Tablet War

Study comparing Android to iPhone Web browsing speed flawed

AT&T Cracking Down on MyWi Tethering?

iPad 2 3G antenna causing problems with mic clarity

Five iPad 2 Parts Sourced From Japanese Suppliers

Hackers steal nude photo from Scarlett Johansson’s iPhone 

AT&T aggressively moving against unauthorized tethering

AT&T cracking down on jailbreak tethering? [UPDATE] | Cult of Mac

AT&T Cracking Down on MyWi Tethering

Apple's iPhone again tops J.D. Power satisfaction ranking - Computerworld

Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G - AT&T iPad Plans - Wireless from AT&T

Apple - NO AIRPLAY after update to 4.3

AT&T-Mobile: AT&T buys T-Mobile USA for $39B - Fortune

Teardown of Apple's iPad 2 reveals slightly bigger battery, 512MB of RAM



Apps Mentioned in this episode:

Tii App

Rocket Jock

A Hug and a Kiss

Sketchbook Mobile

Bingo Machine

Tip Rater

Golf Caddie Pro

Resistor Converter

FBPhotosave - Cydia


Taxi Magic