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James Garland
almost twelve years ago

Hey there! You mentioned a fix for one of your callers, near the end of the show, that descibed where he and his wife had iPhone's and Siri was calling her by her husband name. You mentioned that all they would need to do is on his wife's phone to change her contact info.

I have been dealing with this for over a week now. When I change her info, within a few hours/days, her Siri information is being changed back to mine, without asking. I wonder if Siri is tied directly to the iCloud account setup on the phones. We use 1 iCloud account between both phones so that all calendar, contacts, emails, reminders, etc... are properly replicated to both devices.

What are your thoughts? Should I technically have 2 separate iCloud accounts? I would hate to have to constantly make sure I am placing items in both places...

Appears this is more of a two-part question...

Love the show man, been listeing since the beginning.