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Oct 10, 2012

Tii - iTem 0243 - Inspector Number 5


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What's really going on at Apple's iPhone 5 factory in Zhengzhou, China

Apple Store App Updated for iPhone 5 - Mac Rumors

Rumor: iPad mini invitations set to be mailed out Oct. 10

New iPad With A6 Based Processor Appears In Analytics App 

Apple iPhone 5 to launch on regional U.S. carriers 

iPods arrive while waiting for iPad Mini | CNET

Apple Financial Results - Q4 2012

Apple to release iPhone 5 sales and 2012 earnings on Oct. 25

Apple Publicly Responds to Complaints of Purple Lens Flare on iPhone 5 Photos

iPhone 5 time and date issues: Apple Support Communities

What’s Behind Mysterious Cellular Data Usage in iOS 6?

iPhone 5 carrier update fixes bug causing cellular data use while on Wi-Fi

Rogers, Bell and Telus Users Affected by Cellular Data Used Over Wi-Fi Bug 

Where To? will make you feel better about Apple Maps | TUAW

Apple TV adds shared Photo Streams, simpler account switching — Apple News, Tips and Reviews

Podcatcher App Showdown - AppAdvice

Podcasting 101: iOS podcasting apps - Gigaom

Netflix "Just For Kids" Now Available On iPad

Street View for Google Maps web app goes live

60% of iPhones on iOS 6

Dashboards | Android Developers

Motorola Atrix 4G will not be upgraded 

Motorola Pulls A Sony: Atrix 4G Won’t Be Getting Ice Cream Sandwich

GrainBender Protests Apple Patent Abuses

Kickstarter Is Not a Store

Tabzu — Kickstarter

AirBridge — Kickstarter

iControlPad 2 — Kickstarter

Meet Duo Gamer - forbes

Sharp Now Producing 'Adequate Volumes' of iPhone 5 Display

Lab Tests: iOS 6 and iOS 5 performance differences

iPhone 5 Jailbreak Successfully Achieved On Launch Day

How hackers will jailbreak the iPhone 5 | ExtremeTech

T-Mobile stores now stocking iPhone 5-friendly nano-SIMs

ABC iPad Tracked to TSA Agent's Home

iCloud to drop former MobileMe users from 25GB to 5GB

iCloud: Extended complimentary storage for former MobileMe members

iOS 6 ships with WiFi plus cellular feature missing | TUAW

iPhone User Guide for iOS 6 now available as an eBook | TUAW


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