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Oct 19, 2012

Tii - iTem 0244 - As Subtle as a Brick through a Stain Glass Window


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Apple Announces October 23 Special Event 

Apple Likely to Unveil "iPad Mini" at October 23 Event 

iPad Mini pricing appears

Here’s The Pricing On The Surface Tablet

SNL skit skewers complaints about the iPhone 5

New iPhone 5 case offers to fix purple flares

iPhone 5 traffic volume already surpasses Samsung's Galaxy S3

Solving iOS 6 Battery Drain Problems

Teardown of Apple's new iPod touch

Apple ships mic-less EarPods with new iPod Touch

Apple executive e-mail explains new iPod's missing light sensor

Apple offers targeted ad opt-out

HiLO Lens  — Kickstarter

$41 million can't buy success as Color app finally gives up | The Verge

Color Labs To Be Acquired By Apple

Sprint reportedly agrees to sell 70 percent stake to Softbank

Verizon Discusses Q3 2012 Result

Verizon results to provide early peek at Apple iPhone 5 sales

Verizon Profitability Surges as Bills Rise on IPhone

iOS 6 Jailbreak: Redsn0w Updated To v0.9.15b1

The challenges of jailbreaking iOS 6

Dev-Team Blog - Restoration reinvigoration

Mod iPhone 4 car cradle for a iPhone 5

iPhone sat in 6 feet of water for 6 months

Apple Forced to Run Public Apology in 14pt Arial

FAB Universal Celebrates New Ticker and Name Change With Huge Event



Apps Mentioned in this Episode:

Tii App


Doodle Buddy

Desk Calc


Puzzle Farm Imagination

WeeTrackData - Cydia



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