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Dec 8, 2012

Tii - iTem 0251 - Dan says iOS 6.1 Beta 3


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AT&T iPhones In Pennsylvania Are Being Taken Over By ‘Dan’

The new iOS 6.1 beta (version 3) is out

iPhone 5 ship time drops to two to four days

iPhone 5 two-handsets-per-customer limitation lifted 

T-Mobile CEO: Our iPhone experience will be 'dramatically different'

T-Mobile's Subsidy Free iPhone Will Bring Transparency To Smartphone Economics

China Mobile president confirms ongoing iPhone talks

iPad mini & iPhone 5 Arrive in China in December

iPhone 5 Arrives in More Than 50 Additional Countries

features Apple killed off in iTunes 11

YouTube Gets Shiny New iPad, iPhone App

iPhone 5S already? Possible pics leak

iPhone 5s Rear Housing?

Which tablet has the best battery life? 

Botnet Steals $47M from 30K European Bank Accounts

App Developers Shun Microsoft's Surface

1 Second Everyday App by Cesar Kuriyama 

Whatever Happened To The Geode? 

Apple-supported tablet app The Daily shuts down

The Daily is no more - News Corporation

FTC Slams Google for Seeking iPhone, iPad Ban

DreamJB: Hacker Announces iOS 6.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak for 22 December

IEEE's Robot iPad App is Robot Heaven

Tim Cook's Freshman Year - Businessweek

Mac OS Ken

OtterBox Defender Case - iPad Mini


Apps Mentioned in this Episode:

Tii App

Magic Window




Toddler Distractor Christmas Edition

Photo Library+ for iPhone

Word Unravel

Countdown 2014

Mail Enhancer Pro - Cydia

Youtube - iPad



Robots for iPad

Slyde Show