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Jun 20, 2013

Tii - iTem 0273 - iOS 7 Beta 1


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Sponsor - proXPN - Promo Code = Tii


If you don't report the bug in the beta to Apple, it does not exist

24 Hidden Features Apple Left Out At WWDC 2013

Apple's iOS 7 beta already on 0.22% of compatible US devices

When the First Beta Expires 

Matt Gemmell

iPhone Theft: Officials Wait to Judge Apple’s New ‘Kill Switch’ Feature

Users able to install iOS 7 beta without developer account

How To Downgrade iOS 7 Beta 1 To iOS 6.1.x

Apple: iMessage and Facetime are encrypted so we can't hand over info

Stanford U - Coding together - Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad (Winter 2013)

AT&T Announces Enhanced Push-to-Talk Service for iPhone Business Customers

AT&T Wireless subscribers to get emergency alerts 

Apple looking at bigger iPhone screens, multiple colours

Photos Comparing the iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5S Front Display Panel

Why Has Apple Overpriced iCloud? - Forbes

Is Google Acknowledging Android Is Not Secure?

Funny or Die explains the new Apple ad

Button TrackR - Indiegogo

Logitech Acquires Kickstarter-funded TT Design Labs

How a Kickstarter Project Became a Corporate Takeover Target

Startup draws $15 million for iPad art

GamePop Promises iPhone Gaming on Your TV 

Microsoft rolls out Office Mobile for iPhone 

Office for iPhone: Microsoft delivers basic document editing, but no iPad version

How To Take Pre-Cropped Screenshots On iPhone

Chart of the day: Android vs. Apple iOS, hour by hour - Apple 2.0 -Fortune Tech

Apple TV Carrying HBO and ESPN Streaming Content


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Tii App 





Talk Photo

Shake this Space

Moscow Dash

AT&T Enhanced Push-to-talk




Star Cards

Screenshotplus - Cydia