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Sep 18, 2013

Tii - iTem 0283 - This Week iOS 7, iPhone 5S and 5C


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Apple - iOS 7 Feature Availability for countries

Download All Of The New iOS 7 Wallpapers Here

Walt Mossberg - iPhone 5S review

David Pogue - iPhone 5S review

Engadget iPhone 5S review

USA Today - iPhone 5S review

Jim Dalrymple - iPhone 5S review

iPhone 5S Twice As Fast As iPhone 5 in Graphics Benchmark Tests

iPhone 5S STILL starts at 16GB for $199

Apple: iPhone 5S Supply May Be an Issue, Say Cantor, Jefferies 

Carrier Sources Say iPhone 5s Inventory on Friday Will Be "Grotesquely

Why It'll Be Almost Impossible to Get iPhone 5s You Want at Release

iPhone 5s China Launch Off to a Great Start as Stock Sells Out

iPhone 5S Pre-Orders Keep Consumers Awake and Cranky

New iPhones Discounted at Walmart. iPhone 5S $189

New Sprint Customers Can Knock $100 Off iPhone 5S or 5C

Should you purchase the iPhone 5s and 5c on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon?

How to Get the iPhone 5S on September 20th

AT&T to Offer iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on Friday, Sept. 20

The Last USB Sync Cable You May Ever Need

Changing the Date and Time of Photos in iPhoto

PhotoPresenter  | TUAW

iPhone 5S To Get Sapphire Crystal Home Button With Fingerprint Sensor

Apple TV Software Refresh Coming September 18

One Huge Reason to Not Switch to Android or Windows


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Tii App







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ten and a half years ago

What's with Apple removing podcast support from the Music App. No more smart playlists?

Bad move, Apple. Your podcast app is terrible!

ten and a half years ago

I downloaded iOS 7 last night to find that there is no more podcast support in the music app. Apple is forcing users to download the terrible podcast app, or go with a 3rd party app.

How should we go about pressuring apple to put podcast support back into the music app?

I already miss my all unheard podcasts smart playlist!
ten and a half years ago

Mikael - they look to have removed that item from their site - I will update the link when/if they put it back up.

ten and a half years ago

The link to the "Last USB Cable Ever" leads to a broken page.