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Dec 17, 2013


Tii - iTem 0291 - iOS 7.1 Beta 2


Links Mentioned in this Episode:

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iPhone 5S Warranty -




All five major US carriers agree to let you unlock your phone

Off-contract iPhone 5S and 5C to arrive at Straight Talk, Net10 Wireless 

Straight Talk iPhone 5s Release Brings 0% Financing Option

Munster: Apple’s iPhone 5S Is Fully Stocked

iPhones Dominate Sales at All Four Major U.S. Carriers

Apple Seeds iOS 7.1 Beta 2 to iPad and iPhone Developers

iOS 7.1 beta 2 to developers: here is what’s new

Apple TV Adds Bloomberg, Crackle, KOR-TV and Watch ABC Channels

Productivity Pad: Ctrl F on an iPad

iOS, iPhone, iPad, & Apple TV - MODERATED - Community - Google+

Apple’s iWatch Delayed to Speed Up iPad Pro Development

Phone 'blacklisting' blocks thieves |

iPhone a Clear Favorite Among House Members - Press Pass

A clear-eyed guide to Android's actual security risks 

It's Not You, It's Me: Breaking Up With the Nexus 5 After 24 Hours

Does Samsung have an explosive Galaxy S4 problem?

s4 catches on fire samsung wants silence - YouTube

RECAP 2 — Kickstarter

ZiPAC  — Kickstarter

The App Store Is Getting A Little Bit Smarter With Search

US military is using iPad gamers to find bugs in its code

AT&T criticized for shamelessly whining about the 'burden' of subsidizing



Apps Mentioned in this Episode:

Tii App



Week Calendar


Beyond Cam


Photos - iBook

12 Days of Gifts