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Dec 9, 2011

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Apple Distances Itself From Carrier IQ Privacy Fiasco

Apple admits Carrier IQ usage in iOS

AppleInsider | German regulators inquire about Apple's use of Carrier IQ

Carrier IQ On iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone:

Carrier IQ: Your phone's secret recording device

How to turn off Carrier IQ on your iPhone - Computerworld

In Carrier IQ Scandal, iPhone Owners Avoid a Privacy Scare

Yes, Your iPhone Can Track You With Carrier IQ, Too

Today in corporate denials: Carrier IQ edition - Boing Boing

Google Plus - email pissing match on Android

Siri could become a political minefield for Apple

Splitting iTunes Libraries

Apple loses ‘iPad’ trademark in China | ZDNet

iPad 3, iPhone 5 with LTE? Not so fast, carrier says

iPhone 4S is Apple's most popular phone yet

iPhone battery woes persist with iOS 5.1 beta

iPhone 4S battery woes may continue past iOS 5.1

Rise of the iToys

U.S. Cellular: We’ll take the iPhone when Apple gives us LTE

Behringer unveils 8-foot iNuke Boom iPod dock

Dell Streak 7 is discontinued

How many Kindle Fires are being returned to Amazon?

RIM writes off value of tablet inventory

Steve Jobs Bio Takes Top Spot In Amazon's 2011 Best-Seller List

Disguise your iPad as an Apple 2

iPad 3 rumor roundup

New iPad due in February, says Citi analyst

Apple Names Instagram iPhone App of the Year

Alec Baldwin Slams Airplane iPhone Rules


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Tii App

Garageband Lab

Smart Renter Pro





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