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Nov 30, 2009

This is Episode 107 of the Today in iPhone Podcast, please visit

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
Businessweek - Apples Schiller Defends App Approval Process
BBC News - New iPhone Worm can act like botnet
iPhone Magnifying Camera Mod
MacRumors - China Mobile Strong Arming vendors
Businessweek - Apple Launching New iPhone Ads 
iPhone Folders
Techcrunch UK - The iPhone comes to Tesco
App Rejections
BBC News - iPhone Worm Creator Lands software job - 3 offers mifi ipod touch bundle
csmonitor - iPhone gets South Korean Launch
CNET - AT&T offers refurb iPhones
AP - iPhone arrives in South Korea
Microsoft introduces Silverlight streaming for iPhone
MacRumors - Apple starts field testing next gen iPhone
9to5 Mac - iPhone moniker denotes major change

Apps and Software Mentioned in this Episode:
Tii - App

Comic Touch
Multifl0w - Cydia
ScreenSplitr - Cydia
DemoGod - Mac
Backgrounder - Cydia
Qik - Cydia
SpoofApp - Cydia
Winterboard - Cydia
Five Icon Doc - Cydia
3G Unrestrictor - Cydia