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Dec 11, 2009

This is Episode 108 of the Today in iPhone Podcast, please visit

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
FastMac - Product - iPhone External Battery Pack
Vlatte's Blog - Christmas Music on the iPhone Apple iPhone May Go to T-Mobile Next
Alsop Louie Partners - Droid Doesn’t: It’s Not Ready For Prime Time
FoneFrenzy - Verizon Bringing iPhone; Confirmed From 3rd Party 
Video Calling Comes to the iPhone – GigaOM
TechCrunch Kills Off “CrunchPad” Tablet Project - Podcasting News
SteelSeries Unveils a Mobile Adapter for iPhone and iPod touch
Square Credit Payment System Could be the End of Cash - PC World
iPhone Icon Pillows | Geeky Gadgets
Is This A Sneak Preview Of The Apple Tablet? - Podcasting News
Research Firm Predicts Apple Tablet for 2010 - Mac Rumors
Consumer Reports: 98% of iPhone users would buy it again
New Droid ad: iPhone is 'digitally clueless' - CNET News
Experts Not Surprised By iPhone Malicious App Report - PC World
All Hail the iPod touch – GigaOM
How to get a new iPhone app noticed - The Guardian
Dragon's Lair Review | Touch Arcade
Mark the Spot Lets You Tell AT&T Exactly Where Your iPhone died
Apple in trouble over alleged iPhone camera infringement
Guam iPhone launch set for December 11th | MacNN
Tiger Woods' iPhone Critics
Apple blocks 1,000 iPhone apps amid astroturfing claims
Apple Tablet FAQs: every question answered - Macworld UK
iPhoneography - Apple investigates possible US AppStore ratings scam
Mac News -Apple Goes Medieval on App Store Developer 
Could Apple Launch A Tablet In Spring 2010? 
AppleInsider | Tablet rumors: February production start
Analyst: Apple iPhone to Verizon in 2010 - AllThingsD
China Unicom's IPhone Sales Hit 100,000 - PC World 
Techdirt - AT&T's Bait And Switch On iPhone Unlimited Service
Eldar Murtazin: "Foxconn received order for next generation iPhone"

Apps and Software Mentioned in this Episode:
Tii - iPhone App - v1.2.1

Slacker Radio
Save Benjis+
Word Oddities
Joe vs. The Joneses
Crazy Hamster
Virgin Atlantic 
Meditation Oasis
Mark the Spot
MultiFlow - Cydia
Overboard - Cydia
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