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Dec 22, 2009

This is Episode 109 of the Today in iPhone Podcast, please visit

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
AFP: Apple hits back against Nokia in patent row
Apple Easing Up on iPhone Developers? Mac Rumors
App Store Apps Finally Gets Prettier Pages
iPhone users suffering 'Stockholm Syndrome' - 9 to 5 Mac
Daring Fireball: Who Do You Believe, Randall Stross or Your Own Lying Eyes?
iPhone Owners Suffer Stockholm Syndrome, AT&T is Actually Awesome
Digitimes - Apple Looking to Have Record iPhone Quarter: Report
AT&T Takes the Fall for the iPhone’s Glitches -
64GB 4th Gen iPhone Next Year? | The iPhone Blog
AppleInsider | Retailers want in on Apple's iPod touch POS system
Appolicious Lands $2 Million For iPhone App Directory 
Smule raises $8M more | VentureBeat
ComScore: iPhone overtakes Windows Mobile use for the first time in US
AT&T Downplays Talk of Tiered Pricing - Mac Rumors
ProPrompter Teleprompter Review - Appmodo
International Performance Seen Driving iPhone and iPod Touch Growth
iPhone and iPod Touch See International Surge
iPhone beats Droid in Manhattan speed tests | VentureBeat
Small iPhone developer Tapulous sees big success| Reuters
BBC News - Vodafone to sell iPhone in UK in January 2010
Vodafone opens pre-registration for the iPhone

Apps and Software Mentioned in this Episode:
Tii App

Musical Lights
Word Oddities
Pocket Adder
Red Conquest
Blue Defense
Dragon Dictation
More Birthdays