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Mar 29, 2012

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New iPad Battery Keeps Charging Despite 'Battery Full' Message

Debunkatron: No, the iPad is not destroying its own battery

The iPad gripes goes on and on

iPad specs compared

Not So Hot

Tests show new iPad runs 9.6 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than iPad 2

New iPad not quite running circles around iPad 2 

iPad can serve as LTE hotspot for more than 24 hours

iPad download speeds around the world

Apple faces Australian legal challenge over 4G label

The iPhone 5 Screen Size

A Larger iPhone Is Near Inevitable

UDID - Apple reportedly begins rejecting apps 

iMainGo XP Ultra-Portable Stereo Speaker and Protective Case

A Visual Guide to 700 MHz : AT&T (Phone Scoop)

Why is AT&T LTE Fast In Houston, Slow In Chicago? PC Mag

Dash - The Smart phone Car Stereo

Galileo. Your iOS in Motion. by Motrr — Kickstarter

Tim Cook convinces AT&T to unlock customer’s iPhone

iOS 5.1 reportedly vulnerable to address bar spoofing

Photoshop Touch Intro - iOS Stuff And Reviews

Draw Something developer bought out for $US200m

Developer Sees Quick Adoption of iOS 5.1 Amongst Users

RIM Is Developing a BlackBerry Mobile Fusion App for Apple iPhone

ios 5.1 update apps won't download: Apple Support


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Tii App




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Deepdish Gigband


VLC Media Player - Cydia

MPlayer - Cydia

Drawing Something 

Photoshop Touch