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Nov 12, 2013

Tii - iTem 0288 - Its Going to be an iPad Christmas


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Apps Mentioned in this Episode:

Tii App


360 Camera


PhotoGene - iPad



Ringtone Maker




Infinity Blade 3


Pixlr Express Plus

123D Creature

Sketchbook Mobile

DJay 2


Total Conquest 

Sing Karaoke

Jaime Pichardo
ten and a half years ago

I would like to have the ability to rotate the screen for any page or app upside down because the lightning cable and/or aux cable can get in the way of easily using the phone in some situations like standing the iPhone5s up.

I do like having both ports on the bottom but I sometimes find myself missing my 4s because the aux port was large out of my way.

Having the ability to lock the screen in portrait is a great start but not all apps or even the home screen will go into portrait. This sounds to me like a simple enough and achievable software tweak. Thank you