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Nov 23, 2009

This is Episode 106 of the Today in iPhone Podcast, please visit

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
Digitimes - Tablet Delayed until H2 2010 (BS)
AllThings D - Conde Nast Prepares Tablet Magazines
China Daily - iPhone to seize 10% of 3G market in China
TUAW - Virgin Mobile Canada - Fifth Canadian outlet for iPhone
NY Times - Belkin Recall
CNET - Game Developer cuts back on Android in favor of iPhone
iLounge News - Wider distribution boosting sales in France - Channel of Good intent - iPhone is - Android isn't
9to5 mac - iPod Touch with Vidoe cmaera set to ship in Spring
Bloomberg - KT says it will offer iPhone on Nov 28th in Korea
iGPS 360 GPS Module
Orange 360 GPS Module

Apps and Software Mentioned in this Episode:
Tii App

Scribble Lite
Sound Lab - 50 Cent
Mocha VNC
Jaadu VNC
Fit or Fugly
Time Lapse