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Links Mentioned on Today's Show:

AT&T 3G city coverage
ValeyWag - Apple and 20th Century Fox strike digital movie rental deal
Intomobile - O2 CEO confirms iphone sales in UK
Intomobile - Playstation Emulator for iPhone
Engadget - iProposal - Geeky Mariage Proposal
9 to 5 Mac - Apple expected to announce sales of 5 Million iPhones
Seth - Jailbreaks and unlocks iPhone at AT&T store
Engadget - DoCoMo confirms talks with Apple
MacWorld UK - iPhone 2 in development
Gizmodo - Video Recording on an iPhone
Fortune - Top 10 reasons IT won't support iphone (and won't get a bonus)
iPhonic - iPhone tops Google Searches in 2007

JailBreaking your 1.1.2 iPhone:
Hack the iPhone - Tutorial
Lifehacker - Tutorial
iPhone Atlas - Tutorial

Web 2.0 Aps:
Hahlo - Twitter Ap
Magical iPhone

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Links Mentioned on Today's Show:

ZDnet - SAP Blesses the iPhone
Mophie - Juice Pack
MarketWatch - T-Mobile can lock iPhone to Contract
Market Share - iPhone trumps Windows Mobile
PC World - 3G coming in 2008
Blogging - Apple 3g could crimp sales

Third Party Apps Recommended
Lock Box

Third Party Apps Not ready for Prime Time

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As speculated on the last episode 1.1.2 - did hit the Apple Servers today.

Here is a good article on Endgadget that gets into the details.

But a quick summary is this - Do not Update to 1.1.2 if you have any desire for native apps as it does fix the Tiff exploit that is needed for jailbreakme to work.

Even if you have no intentions of jailbreaking your iPhone, I would still recommend waiting a week of two before updating.

Let me know your experiences with 1.1.2 if you did actually update it.

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Links mentioned on Today's Show:
Gizmodo - Gphone information
SNL Skit video
Gizmodo - SNL skit shows Jailbroke iPhone
iPhone, therefore I blog - SNL shows mystery app.
PC Pro: Apple closes iPhone Backdoor
Endgadget - AT&T whips uo international iPhone Data Plan
T3: It's official iPhone 1.1.2
Trademark - 300 Page Apple Lawyers Letter
Trademark - ModMyiPhone
Trademark - Latest Status of Apples application
Time - Invention of the Year??
Teleompaper - iPhone plans for Germany
TUAW - Confirmed Jailbreak - AppSnapp
TUAW - Instant Jailbreak for iPhone and iPod Touch
iPhone Alley - Apple Requires AT&T Plan for iPhone Repairs
Engadget - The 16 GB iPhone?

Web App:

Native Third Party Apps:

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Of course these things happen as soon as I post a new show.  There is a new very easy way to Jailbreak your 1.1.1 iPhone to allow for 3rd party aps and you do it from your iPhone. 

Here are two links to great articles on this


Amazingly not only does this Jailbreak method unlock your phone from the Tiff Exploit it also patches that exploit.  Kind of like a burglar breaking into your house using a credit card to jimmy open the lock and then once inside installing a dead bolt to keep anyone else from doing that.

Simply send your 1.1.1 iphone to this URL

When you get there read the instruction and scroll to the bottom, then tap "Install AppSnapp"

If you are taken to the home screen then you are golden.  Your iPhone should then restart on its own (don't touch the screen until you see the slider appear)  Then slide to unlock and on your home screen you shoud see the installer.  And from that point on you can enjoy the end of my shows where we talk about all the cool 3rd party native apps on the iPhone.

So far I have heard from a few people that have tried this and they all have positive feedback - Let us know your experience in the comments.

UPDATE: 10-31-07 12:52 AM

Chris from NY recommended I add the following:

After you have succesfully added AppSnap:

1. Open Installer
2. Go to “Sources�? and install the “Community Sources�? package.
3. Next you’ll want to install the BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH, also under “System.�?
4. Finally, you’ll need an application launcher. There’s XLaunch under “System�? and others. Note that some of these utilities require an iPhone and won’t work on an iPod Touch.
5. Also,  Install 'SummerBoard New'  not Old.  So new Native App installers have the basics.

(Thanks Chris)

UPDATE: 11-01-07 5:07 PM

There have been some questions about the SSH install.  The main reason to use it is if you want to access your iPhone from your computer via Wifi.  There are two known issues with SSH on the iPhone - one is security as it defaults all iPhones to the same password.  The other is Battery life - it does drain down your battery when active - which is the default state.  To get arround both you can install SERVICES (not switches) so you can manually turn SSH on and off.  Or you could just not install SSH. 

(Again thanks to Chris for info on this)
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Links Mentioned on Today's Show:

Audible Book - The Hoax

Boy Genius Report - iPhone in Canada Dec 7th?
techcrunch - Apple Cracks down on iphone resellers
iPhone 1.1.1 special report - Native Apps
5thirtyone - Setting up IMAP for Gmail and iPhone
iPhone Unlocked - 250,000 unlocked
Engadget - 250,000 unlocked iphones
HOAX - Guy in a Coma misses iPhone launch
MacWorld - iPhone Dominated US Mobile Sales
Apple Chooses Orange in France
Forbes - Apple goes with Orange
Ars Technica - Apple Fires 800 employees
Forbes - SDK - iPhone Opens UP
Apple Prepping iPhone SDK
Hollywood Reporter - Legend for iPhone
iPhone Atlas - Official iPhone 1.1.1 Jailbreak released
Engadget - iPhone and iPod Touch v1.1.1 full jailbreak tested
iPhone Alley - iPhone v1.1.1 Jailbreak and App Tapp installation guide

iFuntastic - Download here

Recommedned Native Apps:
eBook Reader

Recommended Web 2.0 Apps:
Podcasts Aggregator -

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A new Tii is on the way.  In the mean time you can catch me on the other side of the mic on Technocracy Radio episode no.17. Other guests on this episode include Apple Developer August Trometer and iPhone Hacker AriX. 

Link to Interview
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We are joined by Matthew Smith developer of the Mobilecast 3rd party App for the iPhone - His Site  His Work Site

Links Mentioned on Today's Show:

The Hacker Ethic and the Spirit of the New Economy

Gizmodo - Logic3 iPhone Speaker Dock
Apple - Web Apps Directory
Survey of how many people are using Hacks - High estimate
TUAW - iPhone: How Many Hackers?
MacWorld - 22 top iPhone Tips
iPhone Atlas - iPhone 1.1.1 Jailbreak does not require Tiff Exploit
iPhone Alley - iPhone v1.1.1 Jailbreak & App Tapp Installation Guide
MacNN - Trademark could delay iPhone in Canada

App Tapp - From Null River

Recommended Native Apps:
Chat IM
Lights Off

Native Apps not Yet Ready for Prime Time:

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We are joined by Ken Ray from Mac OS Ken and the Technocracy Radio podcasts.

Links Mentioned on Today Show:
iPhone Dev Wiki - Downgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 - Mac and PC
Hackint0sh - Downgrading from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 PC Version
9 to 5 Mac - iPhone 1.1.1 vs Hacked 1.0.2
Daring Fireball: iPhone 1.1.1 features
Engadget - Note to both Apple and iPhone customers on the 1.1.1 update
CNN - iPhone Owner Sues Apple for $1 Million
Engdaget - Video - Here is to the Crazy ones Video

App Tapp - From Null River

Recommended Native Apps:

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Cali Lewis was kind enough to invite me on the latest episode of to talk about Apple and the "will they brick the iphone update" that is coming.

Here is a link to the video.

Remember - wait two weeks before you upgrade the firmware of the iPhone if you have used App Tapp to install 3rd party Apps, or you have unlocked the SIM to work on another carrier.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Rob W
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Links Mentioned on Todays Show:

ZDNet - Orange Clinches French Apple iPhone Deal
CNN - Fance Telecom's Orange confirms winning iPhone rights in France
Apple - T-Mobile gets iPhone in Germany
Apple - O2 gets iPhone in UK
ChannelWeb - Apple Legend Woz blasts iPhone Price Drop
ZDNet - Apple to fight iPhone Hacks with Firmware upgrades
The - Apple to Introduce faster iPhone next year
Engadget - anySim is here: Open source GUI iPhone unlock
Engadget - iUnlock Reloaded: Free iPhone unlocking for dummies
Electronista - Free iPhone unlock made near-automatic - enhanced voicemail service

Mac OS Ken Podcast

App Tapp - From Null River

Recommended Native Apps:
Five Dice (Yatzee)
To Do List

Native Apps I need to do more research with:

Native Apps not yet ready for Prime Time:
NES emulator

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We are joined by Cali Lewis from iCali and video Podcasts

Link to Audible is:

Links Mentioned on Todays show:
Apple - iPhone Store Credit - FAQ
Apple - iPhone Store Credit - Request Page
PC World - Group Releases Free iPhone Unlock
Engadget - Video of iPhoneSimFree in action
Business 2.0 - Price cut bumped iPhone sales three fold

App Tapp - From Null River

Recommended Native Apps:
Chat IM

Native Apps not yet ready for Prime Time:
Appolo IM

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Links mentioned on Todays show:

Engadget - iTunes Ringtone work around
iPhone UK Launch Date Rumor
The - Why Apple got it right
Skepticality Podcast

Product Review:
Rivet iPhone Headset - Two Thumbs up.

App Tapp - From Null River

Recommended Native Apps:
Lights Out
Mobile Twitterific
Send Song

Native Apps I do NOT recommend:

Extended Show Notes - Thanks to Stacey in Youngstown.

Sun, 9 September 2007
TODAY in iPhone - Episode 34
Time to get Native on your App!

Dave in California, sounds off - Apple screws their best customers- US! Speaks for the masses and swears we won't buy a first gen product again. Ever. No really... then predicts Apple rebate might keep us happy.

Jimmy crack head wins the Vmoda headset.
Jawbone winter announced - winner has one week to claim prize.

Episode 33 feedback -
Greg says Rob's lost interest in iPhone (Rob disputes)
Dave in southern Cal tastes sour grapes

Rob announces- if you bought a phone in the two weeks before the price break - $200 rebate is yours!

iPhone update coming soon, Rob predicts - firmware that date should support iTunes  mobile, composite video out ( Matching iPod Touch) late September..
Rod daydreams of "copy" "paste" feature

You heard it here first - iTunes  mobile will not to support podcast/subscriptions ( one reason we still need our Macs. Our iPhones  are too young to take over the World)

Steve (iPhone newbie) wants in-ear headphones with clicker and to play .mp3 from his e-mail. Rob promises to look for an app - hasn't found one yet.

Rivet iPhone Headset - Two Thumbs up (an understatement) no contest on this one folks- Rob's actually keeping this one!! Wow! Very comfy, no urinal drop woes,  blocks out background noise, switch works well.

Convert Ringtones: instructions available for 7.4 iTunes version ONLY (don't upgrade to 7.4.1 until after you listen to this!) Engadget's work around. Rob  walks you through it step by step. How to convert .mp3 to .aac to .m4a to .m4r

Jason - UK rumor launch date 15 December? Rob tries to dispel the myths - don't believe what you hear. Wait for the big Apple to tell all.

Tmobile $20 unlimited date plan for unlocked iPhone?

Jimmy in Maine e-mails Rob The article - Why Apple got it right (and what they got wrong going with AT&T)

Seven out of eight iPhones have been sold from Apple store. (Tell me again why Apple went with AT&T on this one?)

App Tapp - From Null River gets two thumbs way up - allows you to install  apps and play in airplane mode.. the first upload should be Community sources

Native apps
Doom= nothing like the real thing
Zune2= cute, not practical
iPong= (ditto)
Lights Out= Rob's on level 10- it must be good
Mobile Twitterific= work's great
Sketches= not practical, unless your 17 mo. old is cranky
Vnotes= finally! a voice recording app for your iPhone!
Send Song= email out songs to others (when can we listen to them from our Phones?)
Minesweep= not like the original... a bit too easy?
iLight= turns iPhone into the most expensive flashlight in America
iBrate= Rob turns red over possible female reviews? references HP broomsticks..

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On Todays show we talk about the new price drop on the iPhone and manage to keep it G-Rated.

Links Mentioned:
New iPhone Pricing
New iPod Touch
iPhone Unlocked
iFuntastic v3.0.3

Extended show notes - Thanks to Stacey in Youngstown.

Thu, 6 September 2007
TODAY in iPhone -Episode 33
What would you do with an extra 200 dollars?

Rob gives us his speculations on...
Price drop on iPhone makes 1st gen. users swear. 8GB from $599 (69 days ago) to $399 now?! What the *#&&%??

Listener feed back? not this G rated show!

16g iPhone is out there... speculation as to when will it come out..

iPod Touch - the latest iPod is practically carbon copy of iPhone (without the Mail and Maps apps) without the phone and camera bits

iPhone unlocked- what does it cost you to carry it over to a different carrier (T*Mobile or other GSM network)?

iFuntastic v3.0.3
(no longer a test version!)
Rob asks for feedback from listeners who have gotten the app to work on the iPhone

Don't forget to Phone different!
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We have listener feedback and tips plus an interview with User Centric.

Links Mentioned on Today's Show:
Typical Mac User Podcast
Frat Pack Podcast

User Centric - Abstract of Study
Wired Blogs - Comments on User Centric Study
iPhonic - Comments on User Centric Study
iPhone - Vermont
Ars Technica - Sidejacking session information over Wifi easy as pie

Web 2.0 App:
iPhone Sports Scores


Current Contest:
JawBone Bluetooth Headset

Detailed Show Notes for Episode 32 - From Stacey in Youngstown

Mon, 20 August 2007
Today In iPhone: Episode  32 - Feedback and User Centric Interview

Soundbyte from Danny (Raleigh) 7th in line on iPhone Day

Rob forewarns his Out-tro is an interview with Gavin (regarding the study circulating online about texting), and plugs his recent guest appearance on the Typical Mac User Podcast (with Victor).

Listener Feedback:
*John (Wisconsin) waited for longer line to form on iPhone Day?
*Kevin ( disputes Rob's stance (from last episode) on not purchasing anything on iPhone; as does *Ken (NJ); as does Jake (NYC) sites HTTPS; as does James who sites SSL 

iPhone tip of the week:
*John (Santa Claira) hacks the Belkin Power adapter to work with iPhone.
*Joe (minus Ben from Eugene, OR) gives us a new way to ignore calls and points out that if you utilize the dock you can plug in any headphones you want without the stinkin' $10 adapter. (Note: I tried this while it was plugged into my iMac with semi-disastrous results and would definitely recommend using the dock alone, NOT plugged in to anything else!)
*John (Rochester) having problems with his WiFi home connection (using Belkin router) – update fixed it lickety split!

Q and A:
*Kevin ( wants the skinny on sports pages for scores/ stats on games (the lite version please). Rob delivers iPhone Sports Scores page on silver platter. (More to come on next show)

* Alvin (Virginia) loves his Plantronics 640 Bluetooth headset, says comfortable with glasses on!
* Randy ( driving in his Prius (sadly) notes that hands free audio not currently possible in his car. Uses Apple earbuds frequently and shares how to wake iPhone from sleep
* M(something something?) Paul(?) from Pittsburgh asks about iFuntastic, do you lose data on phone? Is there a way to backup notes? Rob answers no reset needed for first download, and promises iFuntastic version 3 coming out soon!
*Tommy (LA) having probs with phone after doing the update.
*Former Windows user says that he used screen protector on Windows mobile phone and had problems with his phone. Rob puts out a call: if you are having screen issues with your iPhone, please call in and give your specific details: what case are you using, are you using a screen protector (and which one) and what is your screen number (5 or 7)?

iFuntastic – Version 3 coming out soon! Drag and drop games, ringtones, more!

JawBone Bluetooth Headset giveaway in a little over a week!

Gavin (of the User Centric Study) does an interview with Rob (warning- this Out-tro is actually a show in itself- 30 min long)

Don't forget to Phone different!

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Links Mentioned on Today's show
MockDock - User Signup
AddPhone - Iphone Applications - Search Engine - Cheesy Lighter Flame for iPhone
WiredBlogs - Dead Spots on iPhone Screen
Iphone Hacks - iPhone Tricks for getting audio to your Bluetooth Headset
Hack The iPhone - Custom Ringtones

iFuntastic - Software for Mac for Hacking the iPhone

Product Review and New Contest
JawBone Bluetooth Headset

Last Contest - Winner Announced
V-Moda Headphones

Detailed Show Notes for Episode 31 - From Stacey in Youngstown
 (Thanks Stacey)

Mon, 13 August 2007
Today In iPhone: Episode  31- I am feeling Blue -- tooth that is

Soundbyte from Ben and Joe (not to be confused with the ice cream hippies) from Eugene, OR on iPhone Day

FACT or FICTION? Follow up to the web rumors that man had his thumbs surgically altered for iPhone- prove to be false (whew- I (stacey)  was worried it would become a trend)

iPhone Tips:
*Alan (Newport) tells us how to lighten our wallets without spending a dime by scanning membership cards into iPhone
*Ken (Maine) gives activation tips for rural listeners just out of Edge netwark range
*Chris warns that the screen dot issue is random and not specific to a verision 5 or 7.

Q and A:
*Alan (Newport) disappointed in Bluetooth headset- can't listen to music / audiobooks through his headset. Jonathan (CO) Uses cassette adapter in car for audio listening and Bluetooth for calls.. Is there a better way? Rob found a hack for streaming audio to your Bluetooth Headset
*When will next patch be released? Why Rob is holding out for stereo blue tooth headset, and his guess as to firmware release dates.
*David (Birmingham) questions hands free streaming. Rob notes the Prius already streams (wants listener feedback) and Scoscehe has a universal Bluetooth receiver for stereo. Will iPhone recognize these devices?
*Are iPhone purchases through Safari safe? Rob breaks it down by kilometers and gives a warning
*Is there danger in using non iPhone specific accessories in a car? Rob answers – danger, what danger? And dishes about Griffin FM transmitter and his Bose dock.
*Chris in CANADA is dying for release date info. Rumor is Q4, but you could blindfold yourself, spin around and throw a dart at the calendar and come up with a better guess. Rob doesn't buy Q4.
* Ray in Philly heard about a 16 G iPhone ? Rob believes it's possible for the European crowd as early as November!
*Listener wants ringtones through iTunes. Rob directs to Hack The iPhone for Custom Ringtones
*Jody (Atlanta) wants to buy second gen iPhone- when's it coming out? Rob wagers a vasectomy on release date. Warns, stop chasing the white rabbit.

* – wins award for most useless app
*AddPhone - Iphone Application Search Engine up to 447 apps and counting!
*MockDock – fake iPhone doc controls for your favorite apps

Listener Feedback:
*Listeners call using Jawbone
*Alan rips apart two earphones (literally)
*More Jawbone soundbytes from various listeners –
*Joe (Eugene, OR) thrilled to be first to get iPhone at his local store
*Ed (CA) gets lucky, his touch sensors malfunctioned and AT&T game him new phone. Moral: Apple backs it's products.
*Listeners report screen issues, dead spots
*Mark (NJ) corrects Rob, lithium ion vs lithium ion polymer battery
*Guy gets crapy job to buy a Mac (take another drink from the well my friend). Rob shares his crapy job story, wants yours too (no vulgarity please).
*youngest known lister, Mitch (13), saving for an iPhone gets pat on the back from Rob

Product Review & new contest:
*Rob dishes about the Jawbone's audio quality, background noise levels, comfort and even packaging.

*Speaking of contests… xxx xxxxx is the vModa headset winner and has one week to claim his coveted prize! 


Don't forget to Phone different!

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Links mentioned on Today's show:
Gizmodo - Man Gets Vasectomy to get iPhone
Apple Batteries - iPhone
BUMP - British Users of Mac Podcast
Apple Review Cast
Wizzard Media

v-moda Headphones

Today In iPhone: Episode 30
(Snip) (Snip)

Soundbyte from host while waiting in line.

Rob is new VP of podcaster relations for Wizzard media! Congrats Rob!

FACT or FICTION? Mr. Johnson's vasectomy for an iPhone

iPhone tip of the week:
Maury warns~Don't change your cell plan without saving voicemails, data, etc!
Jonathan says~Delete txt messages (eventually) or suffer the consequences...

Q of the week:
*Another listener (Paul) asks about the battery. Rob dishes about Lithium ion vs NiCad.
*Battery only good for 300 charges? Rob disputes.
*Ryan from St. Louis asks about European carriers and rate plans.. Chris from answers (in a posh accent) the O2 vs Vodafone.
*Joe asks All Knowing Rob when will iPhone 2.0 come out. Rob replies- go forth and multiply..

Apple Review cast

Listener feedback from iPhone Day~ Ryan in Cinci

Don't forget to Phone different!

Notes Courtesy of Stacey in Youngstown
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Links mentioned on Today's Show
iPhone My eBay
Arkadiusz's Site - Polish only
iBookmark - Arkadiusz's other site
Engadget - Update 1.0.1 out for iPhone - iFuntastic users beware.
Apple Blue Tooth Headset

v-moda - Headphones

Detailed Show Notes for Episode 29 - From Stacey in Youngstown

Wed, 1 August 2007
Today In iPhone: Episode 29
Never blame on Malice what can easily be blamed on incompetence –

Soundbyte from JoJo (Miami) on iPhone Day

Chuck Hudson disputes rumors that iPhone My eBay is illegitimate. Rob apologizes for his candid comment to a listener (and explains what he meant), praises the site.

iPhone tip of the week:
*Mike explains how to check mins without connecting to the 'net.

Q and A:
*Edward (Virginia) asks about iFuntastic. Rob exhorts the ease of use to changing ringtones, moving buttons. (Warning crops up later in show)
*Sebastian follows up his games Q (previous episode) with profit concerns for Apple. Rob answers- no worries, and takes off his hat to the (sweet) Bejeweled creator, Arkadiusz.
*Danny (Miami) waited in line 26 hours for his prize possession, and wonders why Safari is cheating on him and crashing. Rob nudges him to update the phone, as the first iPhone update (1.0.1) fixes Safari bugs and stability issues. Rob warns, however, you will loose unsynced elements from iFuntastic (users beware).
*Adam wonders why can't he view his video podcasts. Rob explains how to get the full Monty (audio and video at the same time! Oh my)

*Tricia (windy NYC) happy with Apple's Bluetooth headset. Rob questions differences between it and Jawbone (invites listener feedback)
*Jorge (Miami) loves his iPhone
*Gina (Key West) checks in on iPhone Day while being checked out by a police patrolman.


v-moda - Headphones

Listener feedback, John purchases iPhone online- takes a week to get.

Don't forget to Phone different!

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Links mentioned on Today's show:
ModMyiPhone - Custom iPhone Background - Check your phone bill
ZDNet - iPhone AC Adapters
Macenstein - Why iPhone users should want the iPhone to Tank
MacRumors - Using iPhone as an Edge Modem for your laptop
MacRumors - 146,000 iPhone Activations in first two days
Engadget - Apple sold 270,000 iPhone in first 30 hours
iPhone Bug - A place to gather iPhone issues
TUAW - iPhone Activation program released
Reuters - Apple Falls on initial iPhone activation numbers
Exploiting the iPhone

My Interview on the Cell Phone Junkie

Tips from the Top Floor - Digital Photography Podcast
My interview of Chris from Tips form the Top Floor on podCast411

Promo - Seth Harwood - Jack Palms Podiobook

Product Review:
v-moda - Vibe Duo Headphones

iFuntastic - Mod ringtones and home page

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We are joined on todays show by Cali Lewis from iCali and video Podcasts.

Also please check out my interview with Cali on podCast411 from March 2006 - Item #135.

Links mentioned on todays show:
KFEST - Apple II conference
Engadget - Duke Exonerates iPhone from Network Outage
Forbes - iPhone may be disrupting Duke Network
Apple Road Show - iPhone Tech Talks
Flickr - iPhone Sandcastle Picture
Engadget - "Hello World" first true 3rd party app installed on iPhone
ZDNet - iPhone Touch screen - are you a 5 or a 7 ?
Hack the iPhone - How to Change Home Screen and dock icons
iWish - iPhone updates we would like to see
TUAW - iPhone reportedly working on Vodafone
Engadget - iPhone Dev Wiki Team gets closer to unlocking
Applehound - iPhone v1.0 bugs list

Mac Most Games - iPhone Games
BeeJive - IM -  WINNER
FlickIM - IM
SeeqPod - Music site

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:27am EDT

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Links Mentioned on Today's Show:
SeeqPod Music Beta Site
Mac RoundTable Podcast
Elsies Yoga Podcast
Extreme Mac - Sports Case
Gizmodo - an iPhone on an RC Airplane
Hack the iPhone - Ringtone Installation Instructions

Get Leaflets: iPhone Apps
iPhone Sudoku - A better version

Special Thanks to Dave from Dave's Lounge for the Outro Promo
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Links mentioned on Today's show:
Hide-a-pod iPod Protection
Information Week - iPhone More Intuitive
Apple Insider - 25 % of iPhone buyers are switchers to AT&T
USA Today - 51% of iPhone buyers are switchers to AT&T
Hack the iPhone - Ringtone Installation Instructions
Engadget - Custom iPhone Ringtone hacking instructions
Engadget - Video Hints at customized iPhone Ringtones
MacWorld - Twenty one favorite iPhone Tips
Engadget - Quicktime 7.2 adds Export to iPhone option
Micro Persuasion - Turn Your iPhone into a mobile Nerve Center

iPhone Applications Mentioned:

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Links Mentioned on Today's Show:

YouTube - Will it Blend
Tnkgrl Mobile - Belkin Acrylic Case scratched iPhone
Typical Mac User Podcast - 2 Billion Emails unread
Skepticality - Interviews me about the iPhone
iPhone Nano - ABC News
iPhone Nano - Apple expected to unveil cheaper iPhone
Tech Republic - IT managers
360 Security - IT managers
PC World - IT Managers - Synchronica Evades iPhone Corporate email barrier
Engadget - iPhone Hackers - We have owned the filesystem
Engadget - Ecamm Networks iPhoneDrive - How-to and review

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Links Mentioned on Today's show:

Gizmodo: Adobe Flash support coming to iPhone
Macenstein: Help build the ultimate iPhone feature request list
GigaOm: how would you improve the iPhone
Engadget: iPhone Sells out fster than an 80s Rock Star
Bloomberg: Apple iPhone sold out at most stores after four days
IDIOT of the WEEK - Apples iPhone misses sales target
MobileCrunch - iPhone coming to T-mobile in Germany
Engadget - T-mobile announcing German iPhone deal
iPhone accessory compatibility index
Wired Blog - Gadget Lab - Opening up the iPhone
Mobile Handset Design line - Under the hood - inside the iPhone
Business Week - Taking the iPhone Apart
Wired Blogs - Cute video of iPhone with Xray vision video
Washington Post - AT&T says iPhone activation improving
PC World - iPhone Stress Tests
Engadget - iPhone and iPod accessories - what works what doesn't
Waiting for iPhone - AT&T activates over 1 Million iPhones

ZDNet: RSS Reader for Safari

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:26am EDT

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Links mentioned in today's show:

MyFox Dallas - Know the Rules
MacMediaCast - iPhone Review
The Apple RevieiwCast - iPhone Review
Think Secret - iPhone Taken apart
AnandTech: Apple's iPhone Dissected
Video Pod Chronicles: Entering the iPhone Gates of Paradise

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Links mentioned in todays show.

Apple - iPhone - Tech specs - what's in your box?
Apple - iPhone - Press Release
Rocketboom - Line Waiters

Thanks to everyone that has sent in feedback, this episode is your episode.

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Links mentioned on Today's Show:

Apple: iPhone - Tech Specs - need iTunes v7.3
Apple: iPhone - Video of Keyboard
Apple: iPhone - Rate Plans for iPhone
ZDnet: The iPhone will be compatible with Microsoft Exchange
AT&T: iPhone FAQ
AT&T: iPhone other Monthly Charges
Walt Mossberg Article on the iPhone
TUAW: Small Print
MacRumors: Custom Ringtones
Wired: Vodaphone to get iPhone?
Gartner Flip Flops and then plops on iPhone
Everything iPhone: Referal Money from AT&T
YouMail - Enhanced VoiceMail for my old phone

iTunes Latest Version

AT&T Store Locator

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Links mentioned on Today's Show:

Apple - iPhone - Press Release - Plans
Apple - iPhone - Press Release - Activate
Apple - iPhone - Video - Activation and Sync
Speed Typing Test
iPhone Application List
eBay - Apple iPhone Line Waiting Service
Washington Post - Mossberg and Pogue both give iPhone Thumbs up

Interview - Ben from

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Links mentioned on Today's show.

Apple Insider - First iPhone Line forms in NYC
FX Network has iPhone Page
My iTablet - A Friendly word of advice to fellow iPhone blogs
iPhone Atlas - Interview with Raven Zachary - iPhone mania nears fever pitch
MacDaily - iPhone most anticipated phone since Alexander Graham Bell's

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Links mentioned on Todays show.

Apple 2.0 - The coming Battle Apple's iPhone vs. Corporate IT Department
MacNN - iPhone may not mix well with Corportations
The - Firms set to hang up on Apple's iPhone - Gartner warns IT to avoid Apple's iPhone
Geek with LapTop
Apples new virtual tour of iPhone
TG Daily - IDC: Mass market Appeal of iPhone uncertain
Apple 2.0 - Early iPhone Testers Concerns about keyboard

Youmail - Cell Phone Voicemail

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Today we are joined by Mickey from The Cell Phone Junkie Podcast.

Links from Todays show:

Apple: YouTube on the iPhone
Apple: Email supported
iPhone Application List - iPhone Dock Revealed
TUAW - iPhone delivers up to 8 Hours of talk time
Engadget - iPhone to feature 8 hours of talk, new glass
Apple - iPhone - New Tech Specs
Business 2.0 - How the iPhone Keyboard Works
5 Ways to handle the Stress of waiting for the iPhone

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12th icon on iPhone is YouTube UPDATED: Here is a slightly modified pic from the Apple site with the 12th icon showing that it is YouTube.   I modified it per comments here and from emails (Thanks Zach) - that it looks like you could add in 4 more apps.  I cut and pasted and yes you can add in 4 more apps.  I wonder what they will be? 

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Links Mentioned on the Show.

Cingular / AT&T Store Locator
Engadget - iPhone 6:00 PM Local Time
CNN - iPhone 6:00 PM Local Time
Engadget - iPhone Spoted in public on CalTrain
ComputerWolrd - No SMS on iPhone
MacWorld UK - iPhone Europe Status
Fan Created Ad - iPhone New York
BarCamp - iPhone Dev Camp
My iTablet - Bikini iPhone Case

Web Apps for iPhone
AIM - iChat

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Links Mentioned on the show.

MacWorld - No Bluetooth Modem function on iPhone
ZDNet - The Great iPhone Hunt
The iPhone Blog - The Camper's Guide Part 2
Email from Apple - You need an iTunes Account
Gizmodo - No iPhone SDK means no killer Apps
The Chronicle - Walt Mossberg Shows College Leaders his iPhone
Chrunch Gear - Will the iPhone really launch at 6:00 PM on the 29th
Mac Rumors - No Adobe Flash Support on the iPhone
Engadget -  Zune Tatoo - Lots of Regrets
The Simple Web Solution - What is different with the iPhone from Jan

Web App for iPhone
One Trip Shopping List

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Links Mentioned on the show.

MacNN: iPhone Ad suggests Flash
Mac Rumors: iPhone Details from AT&T Sales Training Manual
Grunch Gear: The Futurist - We predict the iPhone will Bomb
AppleInsider: iPhone yearly sales to top 45 Million units in 2009
MacWorld: iPhone Appeals to a Wide Audience
Solutions Research Group
Business Week - How Big will the iPhone be?
iPhone Atlas - More Tips for Getting out of your Cell Phone contract
YouTube Video - Playing Audio on speaker
Marketwatch - John Dvorak - Time to Short Apple?
Information Week - Apple iPhone could get help from Qualcomm Ban

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Links Mentioned on the show.

Macenstien - Apples iPhone Ad Slip up reveals myster App
iPhonic - What is the mystery App
Engadget - Apple Execs admit to iPhone Anxiety
SlashGear - iPhone 3rd Party Apps to be announced at WWDC
SlashGear - No SIM slot
Gizmodo - Yes SIM slot
ZDNET - Is the Apple iPhone really that Fast?
Information Week - The First 8 things I plan to do with an iPhone
Gizmodo - AT&T improving Edge Speed
Blogging Stocks - Apple iPhone reviewed for usefullness and coolness
iPhone - 5th Ad - Unofficial - but really cool

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New Apple Ad's confirm that the Launch date is June 29th 2007 for the US release.  Here is a link to the Apple Site with the new Ad's that have the date in them. 

New Apple Ad's

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If you want to see past push messages - there is now a list of past push messages in the Tii App.  When you open the Tii App tap on "Tii" in the lower left.  You should then be taken to the list of Episodes.  In the upper right - tap on the "!" It will then turn Yellow and at the top of the screen it will say "All Alerts".  You will now see the list of past push messages.  


If you are not getting Push messages on the Tii App please check the following.


A - See if push is showing as installed

1. Open the Tii App

2. Tap "Extras" in the upper right

3. At the bottom Tap "Upgrade to Premium"

4. At this point it should say "Installed" next to "Premium Upgrade".  If it says "Installed" go to Step B below.

5. If it is showing a Price - then Tap on the Price to re-purchase.  Make sure you are using the same iTunes account you originally used to purchase the upgrade and the App.  Please note you will NOT be charged again for re-purchasing the upgrade if you use the same iTunes account.

6. After you put in your password it will then say you have already purchased this do you want to download it again for free.  Tap "Yes"  

That should be it. Tap Done - then go back to confirm it now shows as "Installed"




B. See if Notifications are turned on.  

1. If step A showed Push as being installed it is possible it is not turned on.  

2. Leave the Tii app and go to the "Settings" App.  The one from Apple.

3. The third item on the first screen in the Settings app is "Notifications" tap on it.

4. Find the Tii app in the list.  Under Tii it should say "Alerts, Sounds" 

5. If it says "Off" tap on Tii to turn on either or both Alerts and Sounds.  

Note - If you don't want to hear a push come in at 3 or 4 AM you can turn just "Sounds" off.  Please note I have listeners in every time zone in the world - So every time I send out a push it is around 3 or 4 AM somewhere.  Sorry.  




C - Quick Re-install of Tii App.

If you are still not getting push messages you can do a quick re-install of the Tii App by doing the following:

1. On your iOS device locate the Tii icon and tap and hold.

2. Once it starts to wiggle - Tap the X to delete.

3. Sync your iOS device with your computer

4. In iTunes - select your iOS device and go to the Apps page and re-select the Tii App and click "Apply"

5. Follow the steps in A and B above. 




D - Full Delete and Re-Download and Re-Install 

In some very very rare cases if all the above is not working it may be necessary to completely delete out the Tii App and re-download and re-install.  Please follow these steps exactly in the order they are listed. 

1. Delete the Tii App from your iOS device.

2. On your computer in iTunes in the Library section for Apps - find and delete the Tii App.

3. Connect your iOS device to your Computer and Sync.

4. In the iTunes store re-purchase the Tii App - Note as long as you use the same iTunes account that you originally purchased the Tii App with you will NOT be charged again.

5. Sync your iOS Device again - this should re-install the Tii App on your iOS device.  

6. Follow the Steps in A and B above.  


Note - You do need to have purchased the Tii App and the Push notifications - using the same iTunes Account to get Push Notifications working.   If you downloaded the Tii App using Instal0us - you will not be able to get Push notifications to work. (That is a statement not a challenge)


As always - Thanks for supporting the show. 



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Links Mentioned on the Show.

AppleInsider: Most AT&T stores expecting less than 40 iPhones at launch
MyiPhone - MyiTablet - Name Change and Lawyers
Arianna Huffington: Steve tells her to go to Cell ular
iLounge: Free iPod Book 3.0
Belkin Case and other accessories - Engadget
Andy Carvin's Waste of Bandwidth
Apple ReviewCast - iPhone Release Date???
Elite-Electronix - iPhone Unlocked and available on June 15th
iPodnn:  iGiki has games for iPhone

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Past Push Messages:

9/8/10 - 1:55 PM CST - iOS 4.1 is now available - if you dare. Please email/call in with your experience.


9/8/10 - 10:47 AM CST - Reminder - Make sure you do a backup before upgrading to iOS 4.1 - Do it now so you don't forget.


9/1/10 - 11:52 AM CST - Live streaming is well live for Apple Event - 


8/31/10 - 11:01 PM CST - Apple to Provide Live Video Streaming of Sep 1 event - 


8/29/10 - 11:21 AM CST - New Blog post on Apples Sept 1st Event - Bingo Card - 


8/20/10 - 8:41 AM CST - Just put up a post with detailed instructions on how to get Frash (flash) on your iOS device - 


8/11/10 - 4:28 PM CST - New iOS update avail now disables jailbreak exploit. Don't upgrade if you want to jailbreak - otherwise update away. 


8/4/10 - 1:46 PM CST - Unlocking now available for iOS 4.0.x iPhones -


8/2/10 - 11:30 AM CST - I posted a video of the full jailbreak procedure for iOS 4.0.x - 


8/1/10 - 9:13 PM CST - New Jailbreak for iOS 4.x is out - sort of - some issues. 


7/26/10 - 11:15 AM CST - US Govt. makes Jailbreaking LEGAL - Yeah baby - 


7/23/10 - 3:03 PM CST -Apple starts iPhone Case program for iP4 - Get yours now. 


7/18/10 - 3:40 PM CST - Thanks to Tyler for the heads up - Tron is free right now. 


7/16/10 - 12:33 PM CST - Steve say free bumper cases for all iPhone 4 buyers - refunds for those that already purchased one.


7/16/10 - 11:05 AM CST - Thanks @coffeygrinds for this great link - 


7/15/10 - 3:50 PM CST - New Blog post about Apple event tomorrow. 


7/15/10 - 2:50 PM CST - iOS 4.0.1 is now available - email me your experience with the update.

7/13/10 - 2:15 PM CST - Please email me pictures of unique ways you hold or modified your iPhone 4 to avoid the Antenna issue.

7/7/10 - 10:10 AM CST - Tii App - V 1.7.1 now available - Bug fix and Voice Over improvements - 


7/5/10 - 6:42 PM CST - Here are my thoughts on the iTunes accounts that were compromised - 

7/2/10 - 9:31 AM CST - Apple finally gives an explanation on the iPhone4 antenna issue 

6/26/10 - 1:47 AM CST -  My thoughts on the iPhone4 Antenna Reception issue. 

6/24/10 - 5:17 PM CST   V1.7 of the Tii is now available - iOS4 multitasking/background play and downloads plus Bluetooth support. Yeah.

6/21/10 - 4:47 PM CST - Depending on where you live next time you check iOS4 should be available for update.

6/15/10 - 8:13 AM CST - Lots of reports of the Apple system crashing / timing out - Be patient and try again.

6/15/10 - 7:01 AM CST - You can preorder iPhone 4 now - Just black - not White - Bummer.

6/11/10 - 9:24 AM CST - To check your ability to upgrade early dial *639# from your iPhone and look for the Text message.

6/9/10 - 3:30 PM CST -  If you have a mac and want iOS 4 NOW - see this link. 6/8/10 - 8:57 AM CST -
 Next episode will be out later tonight Central US Time.  Sorry for the delay. 

6/7/10 - 1:58 PM CST -
 iPhone 4 - PreOrder June 15th - available June 24th. US, FR, Germany, UK, Japan

6/7/10 - 12:55 PM CST - i
Phone 4 - 5 Megpixel camera w/ LED flash - Video HD at 720P 30 fps.

6/7/10 - 12:55 PM CST - iPhone 4 - 40% better battery life compared to 3GS - And it has a gyroscope.

6/7/10 - 12:42 PM CST  - Screen resolution of the iPhone 4 - 326 DPI - WOW - Metal band around phone is the antennas. Nice

6/7/10 - 12:39 PM CST - iPhone 4 announced - pretty much the gizmodo phone, front camera yeah.

6/3/10 - If you have a 3G iPad - It is Urgent you read this

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Links Mentioned on the show.

Mac Rumors: iPhone Used to Browse MacRumors
Greg Hinzmann - Beyond the iPhone
AT&T Wireless and iPhone coming to Fry's in June
Mac Rumors: Dates of Interest
VIM3 - Living in a fantasy land
Steve Jobs Live from D - Engadget
iPhone Matters: AT&T's Unity Plan

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Notes in iPhone .

I received the following email from Joe Bella and asked him if I could post it.

I don't know if this is something that everyone else has noticed already - it may not mean anything, but I noticed that the icon for "Notes" in the upcoming Leopard mail is pretty much identical to the "Notes" icon on the iphone. If they lead to the same functionality, that means that any notes you take can be kept on an IMAP server. The interesting thing to me here is that if this is true.. then I can take notes on my computer via the Mail program, and they will automatically be transmitted onto my phone without having to sync and vice versa. You could think of a thousand things that you could do with this kind of setup. For example, how about the ability to have a "common" notepad between different people. My wife and I could really use this. Notes that she takes on it during the day will just show up on my phone.  Along with Leopard, Apple is supposed to release all sorts of collaboration tools. For example, an iCal server that will allow a group of users to share calendars. It's not a far stretch to envision a notes collaboration.

Anyway - more random speculation.  I've enclosed a picture of the two things side by side.

Nice find Joe. I have not seen anyone else mention this yet.
I guess this means my wife could update the grocery list while I am at the grocery store. And I am sure she will find many other ways to take advantage of this.

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Most Phallic Looking Cell Tower Ever
Question: What does this have to do with iPhones?

Answer: This is a picture I took of the Cell tower where I live that my iPhone will be connecting to.  I am still surprised this was approved by the city.  I guess it is supposed to look like a hay silo â�� being it is here in Kansas.  But obviously it looks a lot like something else.  I am sure the person that designed this is still laughing about it getting approved. 

DIGG this

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Today we are joined by Victor Cajiao from Typical Mac User Podcast. We talk about the latest News in iPhone. 

Links / Articles mentioned on this show:
Despite Policy AT&T stores taking iPhone Pre-Orders
TMU - Fake iPhone on Craigs List
Video CNBC - June 20th Rumor
Apple to incorportate GPS in iPhone v.2
Survey: iPhone Videos offer "wow" factor
iPhone: Seeking Inteligence - uhm I mean Alpha
iPhone meets Mail Tank - How to ride the iPhone wave
CNEWS: From Russia with Love
MacWorld: News Fidelity Ready for iPhone
90% of Cell Phone owners rate iPhone superior

Free PR sites:

Victors Podcasts:
Typical Mac User Podcast
Immigration Tales Podcast

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:52am EDT

Links Mentioned on the show.

iPhone will be available for Pre-Paid Users
AT&T eager to weild its iWeapon - USA Today
15 Worst iPhone Concepts
Apple iPhone Insurance
iPhone Demand will outstrip supply
iPhone Matters - Why the iPhone should have been called iPod Mobile
Verizon at work on iPhone competitor
AT&T kills Cingular name

iPhone Movie Converter 6.8

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Today we are joined by Don Palmigiano from The iPhone Blog.  We talk about hte latest posts on The iPhone Blog plus other Rumors and News in the iPhone world.

Links / Articles mentions on this show:
Apple Crowds out AT&T in iPhone advertising
Boo Hoo For You
Chinese iPhone Clone
Where to buy an iPhone?
iPhone to be available at 2000 stores
Apple iPhone receives FCC approval
Engadget - iPhone will be quad-band
iPhone and Macbook into crime fighting

Amond Video Convert 1.2.2

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:03am EDT

Links Mentioned on the show.

Engadget - Ooooppss
$4 Billion off Market Cap
MacUser: see spike
Laser Keyboard from Celluon
Solid Gold iPhone on eBay
More on the Solid Gold iPhone
eBay - Pre-Order the iPhone
Footage of Stan Sigman giving away an iPhone
CNN Money - Who to invest in
AT&T iPhone not to be pre-sold
Seeking Intelligence
Flapper the Dolphin - Reviews the iPhone
ezSking for iPhone

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:11am EDT

Today we are joined by Gregory Ng - Editor-in-Chief of iPhone Matters.  We talk about the latest posts on the iPhone Matters site plus other Rumors and News in the iPhone world.

Links / Articles mentioned on this show:

Is it down to Vodaphone and Orange in Europe?
T-Mobile Looks set to win Euro Rights to iPhone
No Luck of the Irish
Your Most Wanted Third-Party iPhone Applications
iPhone 2.0 or iPod 7.0?
Apple Patent leads to smaller iPhone
Plenty iPhones to go around
Apple confirms there will be plenty of iPhones
How "Wickedly Cool" can Motorola Be?
Use Your iPhone as a Ticket to the Baseball Game
Rumor - iPhone to be Available starting June 29th
I want iPhone without the phone
MacDaily News - Does Apple's Mac OSC face security threat due to iPhone?

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:55am EDT

Links mentioned on the show.

oPhone on YouTube
Gartner Stats Handsets 2006
Joke Post - About Final Cut Pro on the iPhone
Amazon Accessories for iPhone
Caris & Co - Predicts 42 Million iPhones sold in 08/09
Flash on the iPhone
Apple Confident iPhone will ship on time
Insanely Great Tees Contest

Roxio Crunch

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Links mentioned on the show

Rumor - Boy Genius Launch Date
Motley Fool - Don't hang up on the iPhone
Rumor - Boy Genius - Apple Phone Displays at AT&T stores
InfoWorld - SDK Issue
Seeking Alpha - 9% uptake
UK Release
Australia Release
Info on Trueposition Geo Location

eNOVO case from EBCases

Alive iPhone Video Converter
Wondershare iPhone Video Converter
Lenogo DVD to iPhone Converter
iPhone Countdown Widget - PC
iPhones 1.1

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Links mentioned on this show.

Steve Ballmer Stepping in it again
John Dovark - Puts his stamp on the iPhone
Rumor - $999 for an iPhone with out plan
Marketure White Paper
Handset Market Share Data 1
Handset Market Share Data 2
Smartphone Market Share Data
Books on iPhone

Typical Mac User Podcast
Audio Pod Chronicles
Tuning in with Wayne Henderson Podcast

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This is the first Episode of the Today in iPhone Podcast.

Links mentioned on this show are:

iPhone Not Slippery - Gizmodo
Apple Insider - Highscool Teens Survey
Expand / Upgrade iPhone for Free
Engadget Mobile - iPhone Q&A from Cingular
Sci-Fi Tech Blog - Why the iPhone will do well
Rumor - Shortage of Flash Memory
iPhone to play nice with iPod Accessories
Cingular and TruePosition - E-911
iPhone Battery Life - MacScoop

iPhone Video Converter 1.0
Aimersoft DVD to iPhone Converter 1.0.16
Scenario Software - Poker for the iPhone
HowTube - iPhone Countdown Widget

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This is the promo for TODAY in iPhone with special guest Steve Balmer.

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The Tii Podcast and Blog has many different people contributing product reviews, tech tips and news tips.  The following are links to regular contributers to Tii since April 2007.

Rob - podcast411 - Senior Editor / Host

Chris in NY - Twitter

Laura in Nashville

Shavan in Hawaii

Original Vlatte

Kevin from the TWSS Podcast

Harold in Detroit

Jeffrey H

Kevin Bachelder - Tuning into SciFi TV Podcast

John in Gilbert AZ

Joe M in the Philippines

Ryan in Cincy

Stacey in Youngstown

Thanks to everyone who has contributed in making Today in iPhone the first and longest running iPhone Podcast.

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Updated 8/11/2011


Today in iOS (iPhone) is the original iPhone Podcast and has been produced weekly since April 2007.  A typical episode will have over 30,000 unique downloads - with some episodes getting well over 40,000 unique downloads.  In addition there is another 1,000+ streams via Stitcher Radio per episode.

We have both in show Audio ads and on site banner ads available. 

Standard Options are as follows:

Option 1 - 300 x 100 Side Banner for 1 Month. (See Terms for Banners Below)

Option 2 - Up to 60 second host read ad for one episode.

Option 3 - 300 x 100 Side Banner for 1 Month and 60 Sec ad in one episode.

Option 4 - 300 x 100 Side Banner for 1 Month and 60 Sec ad in two episodes.

To learn more about pricing for these and other options send an email to 


Rob Walch
Host - Today in iOS (iPhone) Podcast



In order to protect the integrity of this site and the integrity of advertisers on this site the following are our Banner Advertising Terms and Conditions:

1. Today in iOS has the right to refuse any ad campaign for any reason.  
2. Advertiser will email the banner image to us along with the outbound URL.  Embed code for an image will not be used.  Today in iOS will host the image on our servers.  Banner must be jpg or png - NO animated gif or images.   
3. Outbound URL can not link to anything sexual in nature or to any medications.  
4. Outbound URL can not redirect from original URL 
5. Outbound URL can not link to site that has malware or other security issues.
6. Outbound URL can not be for a service "selling" unlock or jailbreaking services. 
7. Any change to items 3 thru 6 during the campaign  will result in immediate pulling of the banner - with NO refund.

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4th of July Weekend Sale = Free Shipping + $119 Gift Card which can be used for $149 Clamcase.  

I know you love your iPad - I love mine too.  But one of the biggest complaints on the iPad and iPad2 is that sometimes if you are doing a lot of typing a real physical keyboard is just needed.  Sure you can get the Apple Bluetooth keyboard - but taking that with you or remembering where you left it can be an issue.  Plus getting the iPad in the perfect position to watch a movie or type a document can also result in some less than ideal solutions or a sore neck. 

However, the folks at ClamCase have come up with the perfect solution. 

They have created an all-in-one keyboard case and stand for the iPad and iPad 2.  Why not check out this amazing product for yourself? It really is the perfect solution for bridging the gap between your iPad and laptop. 

Click HERE to learn more


Quick Overview

ClamCase® Is the ultimate all-in-one keyboard case & stand for your iPad® and iPad® 2. Increase your productivity with ClamCase's multiple viewing angles and full Bluetooth keyboard. ClamCase gives you the mobility, functionality, and portability of a laptop in an all-in-one package.


  • Automatically wakes and sleeps your iPad
  • Four Unique Positions
  • Hard Case Durability
  • Full Bluetooth QWERTY Keyboard
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery





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Each month I write a column for eCommerce Times - the following are links to my past articles.


Points to Ponder before Making the Leap to iPhone on Verizon


Digitimes - A Spewing Source of Dubious iOS Rumors


'The Daily' - No, You Can Not Wrap a Dead Fish in It


2011 iOS Preview for Apple Universe Stargazers

Android's Smartphone Lead Relies on Fishy Numbers

In iTunes, All App Reviews Are Not Created Equal

So You Want to Be a Jailbreaker

One Giant Leap for an iPhone

An iPhone for Verizon and Sprint: Dream On

The Joy of Jailbreaking Your iPhone

The iPad Makes It Hard to Resist the Temptation to Gloat


If you are interested in hiring me to write for your publication - please email me -

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The following are some of our more popular past blog posts.


Bogus iTunes App Reviews

iPad Reviews

iPad Total Cost of Ownership

iPhone App Store Ranking Algorithm

Category:general -- posted at: 2:00am EDT

The following are our past tutorials on Jailbreaking:


Jailbreak Tutorial - iOS 6.0 to 6.1.2 Untethered 

Jailbreak Tutorial - iOS 5.1.1 Untethered 


Jailbreak Tutorial - iOS 5.0.1 Untethered - iPhone 4S, iPad 2


Jailbreak Tutorial - iOS 5.0.1 Untethered - iPhone 3G/4, iPad1, iPod Touch 3rd,4th, 5th gen


Jailbreak Tutorial - iOS 4.3.3 Untethered 


Jailbreak Tutorial - iOS 4.3.1 Untethered 


Jailbreak Tutorial OS 3.1.3, 3.1.2 & iPad

Jailbreak Tutorial OS 3.0.1 and Cydia



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What differentiates the Today in iOS (iPhone) podcast from all the others is YOU!!  Every Tii Episode features comments from the listeners.  We want to hear from you.  Please either call in or email your comments, questions, tips, reviews, rants and more to:


phone:  206-666-6364






You can also follow me on Twitter - @podcast411



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What differentiates the Today in iOS (iPhone) podcast from all the others is YOU!!  Every Tii Episode features comments from the listeners.  We want to hear from you.  Please either call in or email your comments, questions, tips, reviews, rants and more to:


phone:  206-666-6364



You can also follow me on Twitter - @podcast411



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About Tii:

Today in iOS (Formerly - Today in iPhone) - Tii - was the first Podcast dedicated to the iPhone. The Podcast launched in April 2007 and we have been producing new episodes about once a week for over seven years.  The podcast regularly gets between 25,000 and 30,000 unique downloads per episode. The show can also be found on Stitcher where it gets another 2,500 listens per episode.  The show and site are dedicated to the iPhone OS and any and all devices running the iPhone OS.  This includes News, Tips, Tricks, Apps, Accessories, Rumors, Jailbreaking, and anything else we feel fits with the iPhone OS universe.  The show is G-Rated and you will never hear a curse word on the show - so it is ok for your kids to listen.  We work hard to integrate listener Voicemail and email into each episode, this can be questions, tips, tricks, reviews and even rants.  



As of 6/10/2011 - I own Stock in Apple and hold a long position.  

As of 5/17/2014 - I also own Stock in Facebook, Tesla, Twitter and GTAT and hold a long position on all of them. 
App and Product Review Policy:
Full and Fair Disclosure is something we believe strongly in.  We do not take any money to do App reviews, we do accept free promocodes for Apps and free gear to review - but will always disclose if a promocode or a product was given for free. We openly welcome App reviews from our Audience including reviews by the developers (as long as they disclose they are the developer).  We do our best to vet reviews to make sure they are not coming from a PR company hired by a Developer.  We expect full and fair disclosure from our audience as well.  
Advertising with Tii:
Developers are welcome (encouraged) to advertise on the site and/or Podcast and we clearly state on the podcast when the show is being sponsored by anyone.  The banners at the right side of the site are sponsored by those in the banner.  To learn more about advertising opportunities click here.  
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