Apple Q1 2018 (fiscal Q2) - Quarterly Report Summary:

Rev = $61.1 Billion (vs $52.9 Billion a year ago quarter and $88.3 Billion last quarter)

Total Cash = $267.2 Billion (Down $17.9 Billion for the quarter from $285.1 Billion)


Last Quarter Sales:

iPhones Sold = 52.2 Mil (vs 50.8 Mil a year ago quarter and 77.3 Mil last quarter)

iPads Sold = 9.1 Mil (vs 8.9 Mil as year ago quarter and 13.2 Mil last quarter)

Mac's Sold = 4.1 Mil (vs 4.2 Mil a year ago quarter and 5.1 Mil last quarter)


Misc Notes:

Rumors of China market imploding were greatly exaggerated.  $13 Bil in Rev last quarter vs 10.7 Bil the year ago quarter.  

Revenue was up in All regions year over year.  

Dividend raised to $0.73 per share.  

iPhone X best selling iPhone every week of the quarter.

Wearable Revenue up 50% for the quarter year over year.



Apple PR

Apple PDF 

Data Summary





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Tii 0462 - iOS 11.3.1 and 11.4 beta 2

Give us a call - 1-206-666-6364

Send us an email -


Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Today's Sponsor - - promo code = tii

T-Mobile and Sprint agree to merge, finally

iOS 11.3.1 Fixes Third-Party Screen Repair issues

iOS 11.3 Causing Audio Stuttering

iOS 11.4 Beta 2 Available

AirPort Express removed from Home app in iOS 11.4 beta2

What's new in Apple's latest watchOS 4.3.1 beta

Apple Seeds Second Beta of tvOS 11.4

Apple Earnings Call

iPhones Gobble Up 86% Of Global Smartphone Profits

UBS: Apple iPhone sales to be flat in China this year

For Apple's iPhone X, is it time for 'full panic mode'?

Analyst Slashes Apple Inc. iPhone Sales Estimates

Analysts worry Apple iPhone sales

Apple's iPhone X delivered a KO punch to cheap Androids

Ebay iPhone X External HOME Button

iPhone X Owners Are Happy With All But One Feature

75% Enterprise Employees Choose iOS Devices Over Android

Apple ramps up iOS 12

Apple WWDC 2018: what we want to see

iOS 12 will continue supporting iPhone 5S

WebKit Leaks: iOS 12 To Support iPhone 5s

Apple Loop: Disappointing New iPhone Leaks

“iPhone SE 2” May Have Wireless Charging

iPhone SE 2 Could Launch in May

iPhone X and iPhone X Plus Could Start at $899 and $999

This year’s flagship iPhone could be even more expensive

iPhone With Triple-Lens Rear Camera Rumored

Bloomberg: Apple considering future iPhone models

6.1-inch LCD iPhone could cost almost half as much as the iPhone X

Apple Will Reportedly Redesign the Apple Watch

Apple Watch 4 to get round screen?

Apple's VR & AR supported headset to launch in 2020

Experts Warn 'Trust This Computer' Is a Massive iPhone Security Risk

TRUSTJACKING - The New iOS Vulnerability

iOS 11 Now Installed on 76% of iOS Devices

Apple to address HomePod ring

Best HomePod accessories: stands, mounts, coasters, and more

Fortnite Raked in $25 Million in Its First Month on iOS



Apps Mentioned in this Episode:

Tii - Free App


Breakfast Bowl Builder



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Tii 0453 - iOS 11.2.2 and iOS 11.2.5 Beta 3, 4 and 5

Give us a call - 1-206-666-6364

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Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Today's Sponsor - - Promo Code = tii

Today's Sponsor - - Promo Code = tii

Apple: About Meltdown and Spectre

Apple Releases New iOS 11.2.5 Beta 3

Apple Seeds Fourth Beta of iOS 11.2.5

iOS 11.2.5 beta 5

Siri now plays daily podcasts with iOS 11.2.5

Apple Seeds Third Beta of tvOS 11.2.5

Apple Seeds Fourth Beta of tvOS 11.2.5

Apple Seeds Fifth Beta of tvOS 11.2.5

Apple Seeds Third Beta of watchOS 4.2.2

Apple Seeds Fourth Beta of watchOS 4.2.2

Apple's iOS platform advantage in fixing bugs is beating Google's Android

You can ask Siri about tennis and golf tournament results

Alexa kicking Siri's butt at CES

iPhone X is pretty darn resistant to screen burn-in

Vikings-Saints game caused Apple Watch elevated heart rate alerts

A Message to Our Customers

Apple now facing at least 26 lawsuits for iPhone throttling

Apple's iPhone slowdown: Your questions answered

FAQ: What to Know About Apple Slowing Down iPhones

How to check if my iPhone is slowed down by Apple

Apple Says $29 Battery Replacements Are One-Per-iPhone

$300 Million in Purchases on New Year's Day

$29 Battery Replacement Could Lead to 16M Fewer iPhones Sold in 2018

Apple to Announce Q1 2018 Earnings on February 1

A Christmas miracle: iPhone X now available at 97% of US Apple stores

Apple, suppliers drop on report of weak iPhone X demand

Apple dominated the competition with new device activations

iPhone 7 Plus was 2nd best-selling phone in China in 2017

iPhone is once again the best-selling tech product of 2017

iPhone X Sales Were 'Stellar' in Several Countries

Morgan Stanley Claims iPhone X is a Hit in China

Dashboards | Android Developers



Apps Mentioned in this Episode:



Lirum Device Info Lite


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We have been doing a Hey Siri segment for each episode for about the last 100 episodes.  Here is a list of the top 10 Funniest replies based on Listener feedback, number of requests, and pinch of personal preference.  

Click play on the player below the Hey Siri question / command  to hear her response. 


Number 10: From Ep 378 - Timecode 54:27

Hey Siri How Much do you weigh?



Number 9: From Ep 420 - Timecode 1:16:22

Hey Siri - Tell me a Haiku


Number 8: From Ep 399 - Timecode 51:16

Hey Siri - Beam me up


Number 7: From Ep 374 - 1:05:11

Hey Siri - Open the Pod bay doors Hal



Number 6: From Ep 375 - Timecode 1:02:45

Hey Siri - What is Blade Runner About?

Hey Siri - What is The Matrix About?

Hey Siri - What is Inception About?

Hey Siri - What is Alien About?

Hey Siri - What is The Terminator About?

Hey Siri - What is Wizard of Oz About?

Hey Siri - What is Star Wars About?


Number 5: Ep 362 - Timecode 58:29

Hey Siri - Luke I am your Father 



Number 4: Ep 386 - Timecode 44:46

Hey Siri - What is the maximum airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?



Number 3: Ep 353 - Timecode 27:20

Hey Siri - What is Zero divided by Zero?



Number 2: Ep 360 - Timecode 1:05:12

Hey Siri - Why is the cookie monster sad?



Number 1: Ep 436 - Timecode 50:34

Hey Siri - I see a little silhouette of a Man


If your favorite is missing from the list above - then leave your favorite Hey Siri question or command in the comments below.



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Tii - iTem 0403 - iOS 10 Beta 7 and TouchGate

Give us a call - 1-206-666-6364

Send us an email -


Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Today's Sponsor: Boll & Branch - Promo Code = tii

Today's Sponsor: - Promo Code = tii

Apple Quickens Pace of iOS 10 Betas

iPhone 6s Crushes New Galaxy Note 7 in App Speed Test

Apple earns a dollar per customer per day

iPhone 6 Plus Design Defect Breaking a Ton of Devices

New issues with iPhone

Google+ Community - Ep 403

Apple patent hints future iPhones could be waterproof

You will be able to take pictures with your iPhone under water

256GB iPhone 7 will be a little late

Apple Leak Reveals Massive iPhone 7 Cancellation

iPhone 7 Plus In ‘Space Black’

Rumors on iPad Mini 5

Analyst: 10.5-Inch iPad Pro Next Year

Daring Fireball: Bloomberg’s Report on Apple Watch 2

The Intrepid Travel Wallet - Kickstarter


Apps Mentioned in this Episode:

Tii - App







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Testing the new libsyn On-Publish to Linked-in Feature

Testing the new libsyn On-Publish to Linked-in Feature

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I had an old Atari400 sitting arround and thought I could put it to good use as an iPad Dock.  It just required a little bit of a mod.  Here are some pictures of my new Atari400 iPad dock.  It uses the Apple Blue Tooth Keyboard and it fits in quite nicely.   



My Son quickly took to the new dock - it made it easy for him to watch Pinky Dinky Doo on the iPad and to control the volume with the keyboard.   


Here is a picture of the modified Atari400 with the top closed.  And the Apple BT keyboard snuggly in place.  



Here is a pic with the top open - I attached the cut outs to the lid -  The cut outs are 5/8th of an inch wide to support both the iPad1 and iPad2 with covers in place.  The lid when it is open supplies a nice support to lean the iPad against.  It makes a great iPad stand. 



Here is close up with the lid closed to show the slots are covered when the lid is closed.



With the Keyboard firmly in place - you can still get to the power button.  So you can turn the keyboard on and off without having to remove it.  



This mod supports the iPad both in Horizontal and Vertical orientations.



The opening for the keyboard is pretty much exactly the same width as Apple BT keyboard.  Which means it fits in place with no additional attachments.  You can just lift it out when you need to use it somewhere else.  The only real mod needed was a cut out in the upper right and a slight dremmeling to smooth everything out.  


Here is what the top case looks like with all the cut outs.  Remeber to be carefull with the top slot cut outs if you want to save them to attach to the lid. I left 1/4 of an inch space from the front of the top ledge and then cut them at 5/8th of inch wide and down 3/8ths of an inch on the side.  For the iPad 2 with a case a 1/2 inch wide would be fine.  


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Half of the work in developing an App is promoting said App.  And where I can I like to help out Devs.  One way is saying what to do, but what is more fun is saying what not to do - by showing an example. 


The following is an email I received today. 



My name is Oliver and I have developed an app that I think will interest you and your users/followers/viewers. I am sure you receive a lot of mail but my app is truly unique. With your device camera you are able to manipulate the graphics and even place yourself in the midst of all the action. Likewise with the sound, samples can be recorded and edited into the game. Redacted is intensely customizable game with limitless possibilities.

If you can find the time then I would be very interested to hear what your thoughts are on the game and it?s core design mechanics. Below is a link for your convenience:


P.S. Big fan of your site/channel/blog

Best Regards,


Oh so many issues with this one.  Let me comment on this in Blue.




Don't start an email with just hello - find out the persons name. No first name is a big red flag I am being spammed.  



My name is Oliver and I have developed an app that I think will interest you and your users/followers/viewers.


My users/followers/viewers ???  Take some time to figure out what type of producer someone is.  For me it is obviously listeners.  Not "users", Not "followers" and definitely not "viewers".  



I am sure you receive a lot of mail but my app is truly unique.


Yes - Yes I do get a lot of mail - but at this point I am not thinking about his unique app - maybe his uniquely bad email - but not his unique app.



P.S. Big fan of your site/channel/blog


Best Regards,

Saying he is a big fan of my site/channel/blog - is so disingenuous.  Above he clearly showed he did not even know the format of my content - and now says he is a big fan.  I call BS.  Don't BS the media channels you reach out to.  And if don't say your a fan - show you are a fan - say something in the email only a fan would know.  


Again the amount of time you put into promoting your app should be equal to or greater than that you put into developing the app.  And part of that work is researching the blogger / podcaster / youtuber you are reaching out to.  Content producers are busy creating content - and if you have something interesting and you present it honestly - there is a good chance you will get some coverage.  But doing what Oliver did is a complete waste of everyones time.   Well except in this case it did make good fodder for the show. 

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Hi Rob,

Long time listener (listened to every episode since your first one) and have recommended it to hundreds of ios users. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciated your Articles responses to NY Times and CR you recently posted!

By the way, can you please tell me what script or service you use to post your articles (that allows others to post responses and comment). If possible, I would like to use it (or if can recommend somehing similar) for my office website.

 Thanks and love the great podcast and newly redesigned website!


Dr. P


Hello Dr. P,

The site and comments are part of my account. 
If you wanted you could set up a blog page for posts and comments via libsyn for as low as $5 a month.
Rob W

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The following review of the ZAGGmate was emailed in by a Tii Listener.


Hi Rob, and Happy New Year to you and all your listeners.

I got a ZAGGmate ( a week ago and had never thought of reviewing it until I heard your request for reviews of similar devices in episode 158.

The ZAGGmate is an aluminum case that comes either as just a case or as a case with embedded Bluetooth keyboard. I got the keyboard version which I am using to type this review.

The aluminum is a little whiter and more coarsely pitted than the iPad shell but it is a close match and the two look good together.  It also seems to be a little softer than the iPad aluminum and mine has already taken a couple of nicks in the edges although I thought I was treating it with care.  You can get a ZAGG Invisible Shield specifically designed for it that will protect it from scratches and it ships with four little adesive rubber feet that you will probably have to put on the bottom of the case as it tens to slide around a little on slick table surfaces.  It is lined with rubber so it grips the iPad securely and prevents the screen from contacting the keyboard.  I don't know what will happen to my screen if I drop the closed iPad/ZAGGmate on a hard surface, but I am confident that the aluminum will protect my screen when the iPad is in a bag or backpack.  If you are out walking around with the iPad and there is no surface that you can set it up on there is no way to attach the keyboard to the back of the iPad while you are using the soft keyboard.  When closed up in the ZAGGmare my iPad is a little thicker than it is unprotected but only about half as thick as it was on my Simplism folio case and is about the same weight as when it is in the Simplism.

You pry the iPad out of the case with the tips of your fingers either at the USB connector cutout or at the cutout at the front of the keyboard that provides access to the first row of keys.  At the back of the case there is a little plastic easel that you snap into place which supports the iPad at about a 60° angle.  The iPad is inserted into a notch in front of the easel and can be inserted either in portrait or landscape mode.

The Bluetooth keyboard is as wide as the iPad is wide in portrait mode so it is a little tight but I find that I adapt to the key spacing quickly and can touch type about as well as I can on a full size keyboard.  There is adequate travel, resistance and tactile response from the keypad, which is a scissor design so feels really nice.  There are function keys across the top of the keypad which have primary functions as iPad control keys.  I say primary functions because you  have to shift to get to Function keys (which as far as I can tell are totally functionless), not the iPad functions.  Those keys are:
F1 = Home
F2 = Spotlight
F3 = enable/Disable Soft Keyboard
F4 = Screen On/Off [Boss Mode, not sleep]
F10 = iTunes Previous Track
F11 = Pause/Play
F12 = Next Track
(F13) = Mute (unnumbered Function keys)
(F14) = Decrease Volume
(F15) = Increase Volume
(F16) = Toggle through International Keyboards
(I was able to create that indented list using the tab key which didn't move me to another form field.)  Function keys F5-F9 are not used for anything but at this point they can't be assigned to anything by the user.  The jailbreak community will probably fix that shortcoming.  There are also Function, Control, Option and Command keys so many of the MacBook commands like Cut, Copy, Paste, Beginning of Line, etc. will work although I haven't taken the time to figure out which ones don't.  There are direction arrows (which are not in the inverted T formation and what give me the most problems) and an embedded numeric keyboard.  There is no noticeable lag between pressing a key and seeing the corresponding character on the iPad keyboard.

When you turn the unit on the Status LED glows red for a couple of seconds then goes out to conserve battery.  I find this disconcerting and wish that it at least flashed every minute or so to reassure me that the keyboard is still on when I am not actually using it.  My keyboard has been turned on for a week now and it still hasn't given me a low battery warning.  When battery power drops to 20% the Status LED is supposed to start flashing, although I haven't seen that yet, whereupon you are supposed to have about two days of use left before the battery is completely dead.  I haven't been able to get information on the battery technology used or how it needs to be treated for maximum life.  The battery is not designed to be user replaceable.  The keyboard goes into sleep mode after two seconds of no use and wakes up at the press of any key instantaneously.  Recharging is via a micro USB connector that can be plugged into the 10v wallwart  that came with the iPad or any other 5v powered USB connector and a completely drained battery is supposed to be nearly completely recharged in an hour.  They recommend an initial 8-hour charge.  The Power LED glows blue while the battery is charging and goes out when it has been completely charged.

Pairing is usually fast and simple.  Once the iPad and keyboard are both turned on you go into the iPad Settings>General>Bluetooth area and make sure Bluetooth is turned on and the iPad reports that it is discoverable. Press the tiny indented Bluetooth button on the ZAGGmate and the Status LED will begin to flash.  ZAGGmate will appear in the list of Bluetooth devices.  Click on the blue > button on that line and a dialog box will shortly pop up giving you a series of numbers to type on the ZAGGmate keyboard.  Type the numbers and hit enter and the keyboard is connected and the Status LED will go off.  There is an active threat on the iPad Forum ( where there have been a few reports of people having trouble with pairing.  I had a problem after I accidentally upgraded my iPad to iOS 4.2.1 but it may have been because I may have neglected the click the blue > button step.  ZAGG has a presence in that thread and was even there on Christmas day to address issues new users were having.

My main issue with the keyboard is with the F3, Soft Keyboard toggle.  I invariably get into bed and find that my soft keyboard doesn't pop up when I try to enter text in a form.  I have to get up and walk across the room with a flashlight to press the F3 button of the keyboard that is sitting on the table.  It is a small price to pay for the convenience of having a real keyboard.  It is going to make the iPad more of a content creation device and a netbook replacement.  I have noticed that when I am typing on the ZAGGmate autocorrection doesn't seem to replace words as often and I haven't decided whether it is a compatibility issue or if I have mistyped those words so often that the iPad also thinks the correct spelling is what I typed.

Sorry to be so long winded, but I guess you can tell that I like my ZAGGmate.


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Altec Lansing BT headset
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A new Tii is on the way.  In the mean time you can catch me on the other side of the mic on Technocracy Radio episode no.17. Other guests on this episode include Apple Developer August Trometer and iPhone Hacker AriX. 

Link to Interview
Category:general -- posted at: 2:03am EDT

If you want to see past push messages - there is now a list of past push messages in the Tii App.  When you open the Tii App tap on "Tii" in the lower left.  You should then be taken to the list of Episodes.  In the upper right - tap on the "!" It will then turn Yellow and at the top of the screen it will say "All Alerts".  You will now see the list of past push messages.  


If you are not getting Push messages on the Tii App please check the following.


A - See if push is showing as installed

1. Open the Tii App

2. Tap "Extras" in the upper right

3. At the bottom Tap "Upgrade to Premium"

4. At this point it should say "Installed" next to "Premium Upgrade".  If it says "Installed" go to Step B below.

5. If it is showing a Price - then Tap on the Price to re-purchase.  Make sure you are using the same iTunes account you originally used to purchase the upgrade and the App.  Please note you will NOT be charged again for re-purchasing the upgrade if you use the same iTunes account.

6. After you put in your password it will then say you have already purchased this do you want to download it again for free.  Tap "Yes"  

That should be it. Tap Done - then go back to confirm it now shows as "Installed"




B. See if Notifications are turned on.  

1. If step A showed Push as being installed it is possible it is not turned on.  

2. Leave the Tii app and go to the "Settings" App.  The one from Apple.

3. The third item on the first screen in the Settings app is "Notifications" tap on it.

4. Find the Tii app in the list.  Under Tii it should say "Alerts, Sounds" 

5. If it says "Off" tap on Tii to turn on either or both Alerts and Sounds.  

Note - If you don't want to hear a push come in at 3 or 4 AM you can turn just "Sounds" off.  Please note I have listeners in every time zone in the world - So every time I send out a push it is around 3 or 4 AM somewhere.  Sorry.  




C - Quick Re-install of Tii App.

If you are still not getting push messages you can do a quick re-install of the Tii App by doing the following:

1. On your iOS device locate the Tii icon and tap and hold.

2. Once it starts to wiggle - Tap the X to delete.

3. Sync your iOS device with your computer

4. In iTunes - select your iOS device and go to the Apps page and re-select the Tii App and click "Apply"

5. Follow the steps in A and B above. 




D - Full Delete and Re-Download and Re-Install 

In some very very rare cases if all the above is not working it may be necessary to completely delete out the Tii App and re-download and re-install.  Please follow these steps exactly in the order they are listed. 

1. Delete the Tii App from your iOS device.

2. On your computer in iTunes in the Library section for Apps - find and delete the Tii App.

3. Connect your iOS device to your Computer and Sync.

4. In the iTunes store re-purchase the Tii App - Note as long as you use the same iTunes account that you originally purchased the Tii App with you will NOT be charged again.

5. Sync your iOS Device again - this should re-install the Tii App on your iOS device.  

6. Follow the Steps in A and B above.  


Note - You do need to have purchased the Tii App and the Push notifications - using the same iTunes Account to get Push Notifications working.   If you downloaded the Tii App using Instal0us - you will not be able to get Push notifications to work. (That is a statement not a challenge)


As always - Thanks for supporting the show. 



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Past Push Messages:

9/8/10 - 1:55 PM CST - iOS 4.1 is now available - if you dare. Please email/call in with your experience.


9/8/10 - 10:47 AM CST - Reminder - Make sure you do a backup before upgrading to iOS 4.1 - Do it now so you don't forget.


9/1/10 - 11:52 AM CST - Live streaming is well live for Apple Event - 


8/31/10 - 11:01 PM CST - Apple to Provide Live Video Streaming of Sep 1 event - 


8/29/10 - 11:21 AM CST - New Blog post on Apples Sept 1st Event - Bingo Card - 


8/20/10 - 8:41 AM CST - Just put up a post with detailed instructions on how to get Frash (flash) on your iOS device - 


8/11/10 - 4:28 PM CST - New iOS update avail now disables jailbreak exploit. Don't upgrade if you want to jailbreak - otherwise update away. 


8/4/10 - 1:46 PM CST - Unlocking now available for iOS 4.0.x iPhones -


8/2/10 - 11:30 AM CST - I posted a video of the full jailbreak procedure for iOS 4.0.x - 


8/1/10 - 9:13 PM CST - New Jailbreak for iOS 4.x is out - sort of - some issues. 


7/26/10 - 11:15 AM CST - US Govt. makes Jailbreaking LEGAL - Yeah baby - 


7/23/10 - 3:03 PM CST -Apple starts iPhone Case program for iP4 - Get yours now. 


7/18/10 - 3:40 PM CST - Thanks to Tyler for the heads up - Tron is free right now. 


7/16/10 - 12:33 PM CST - Steve say free bumper cases for all iPhone 4 buyers - refunds for those that already purchased one.


7/16/10 - 11:05 AM CST - Thanks @coffeygrinds for this great link - 


7/15/10 - 3:50 PM CST - New Blog post about Apple event tomorrow. 


7/15/10 - 2:50 PM CST - iOS 4.0.1 is now available - email me your experience with the update.

7/13/10 - 2:15 PM CST - Please email me pictures of unique ways you hold or modified your iPhone 4 to avoid the Antenna issue.

7/7/10 - 10:10 AM CST - Tii App - V 1.7.1 now available - Bug fix and Voice Over improvements - 


7/5/10 - 6:42 PM CST - Here are my thoughts on the iTunes accounts that were compromised - 

7/2/10 - 9:31 AM CST - Apple finally gives an explanation on the iPhone4 antenna issue 

6/26/10 - 1:47 AM CST -  My thoughts on the iPhone4 Antenna Reception issue. 

6/24/10 - 5:17 PM CST   V1.7 of the Tii is now available - iOS4 multitasking/background play and downloads plus Bluetooth support. Yeah.

6/21/10 - 4:47 PM CST - Depending on where you live next time you check iOS4 should be available for update.

6/15/10 - 8:13 AM CST - Lots of reports of the Apple system crashing / timing out - Be patient and try again.

6/15/10 - 7:01 AM CST - You can preorder iPhone 4 now - Just black - not White - Bummer.

6/11/10 - 9:24 AM CST - To check your ability to upgrade early dial *639# from your iPhone and look for the Text message.

6/9/10 - 3:30 PM CST -  If you have a mac and want iOS 4 NOW - see this link. 6/8/10 - 8:57 AM CST -
 Next episode will be out later tonight Central US Time.  Sorry for the delay. 

6/7/10 - 1:58 PM CST -
 iPhone 4 - PreOrder June 15th - available June 24th. US, FR, Germany, UK, Japan

6/7/10 - 12:55 PM CST - i
Phone 4 - 5 Megpixel camera w/ LED flash - Video HD at 720P 30 fps.

6/7/10 - 12:55 PM CST - iPhone 4 - 40% better battery life compared to 3GS - And it has a gyroscope.

6/7/10 - 12:42 PM CST  - Screen resolution of the iPhone 4 - 326 DPI - WOW - Metal band around phone is the antennas. Nice

6/7/10 - 12:39 PM CST - iPhone 4 announced - pretty much the gizmodo phone, front camera yeah.

6/3/10 - If you have a 3G iPad - It is Urgent you read this

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Notes in iPhone .

I received the following email from Joe Bella and asked him if I could post it.

I don't know if this is something that everyone else has noticed already - it may not mean anything, but I noticed that the icon for "Notes" in the upcoming Leopard mail is pretty much identical to the "Notes" icon on the iphone. If they lead to the same functionality, that means that any notes you take can be kept on an IMAP server. The interesting thing to me here is that if this is true.. then I can take notes on my computer via the Mail program, and they will automatically be transmitted onto my phone without having to sync and vice versa. You could think of a thousand things that you could do with this kind of setup. For example, how about the ability to have a "common" notepad between different people. My wife and I could really use this. Notes that she takes on it during the day will just show up on my phone.  Along with Leopard, Apple is supposed to release all sorts of collaboration tools. For example, an iCal server that will allow a group of users to share calendars. It's not a far stretch to envision a notes collaboration.

Anyway - more random speculation.  I've enclosed a picture of the two things side by side.

Nice find Joe. I have not seen anyone else mention this yet.
I guess this means my wife could update the grocery list while I am at the grocery store. And I am sure she will find many other ways to take advantage of this.

Category:general -- posted at: 10:26pm EDT

Most Phallic Looking Cell Tower Ever
Question: What does this have to do with iPhones?

Answer: This is a picture I took of the Cell tower where I live that my iPhone will be connecting to.  I am still surprised this was approved by the city.  I guess it is supposed to look like a hay silo â�� being it is here in Kansas.  But obviously it looks a lot like something else.  I am sure the person that designed this is still laughing about it getting approved. 

DIGG this

Category:general -- posted at: 9:03pm EDT

The Tii Podcast and Blog has many different people contributing product reviews, tech tips and news tips.  The following are links to regular contributers to Tii since April 2007.

Rob - podcast411 - Senior Editor / Host

Chris in NY - Twitter

Laura in Nashville

Shavan in Hawaii

Original Vlatte

Kevin from the TWSS Podcast

Harold in Detroit

Jeffrey H

Kevin Bachelder - Tuning into SciFi TV Podcast

John in Gilbert AZ

Joe M in the Philippines

Ryan in Cincy

Stacey in Youngstown

Thanks to everyone who has contributed in making Today in iPhone the first and longest running iPhone Podcast.

Category:general -- posted at: 11:46pm EDT

Each month I write a column for eCommerce Times - the following are links to my past articles.


Points to Ponder before Making the Leap to iPhone on Verizon


Digitimes - A Spewing Source of Dubious iOS Rumors


'The Daily' - No, You Can Not Wrap a Dead Fish in It


2011 iOS Preview for Apple Universe Stargazers

Android's Smartphone Lead Relies on Fishy Numbers

In iTunes, All App Reviews Are Not Created Equal

So You Want to Be a Jailbreaker

One Giant Leap for an iPhone

An iPhone for Verizon and Sprint: Dream On

The Joy of Jailbreaking Your iPhone

The iPad Makes It Hard to Resist the Temptation to Gloat


If you are interested in hiring me to write for your publication - please email me -

Category:general -- posted at: 2:30am EDT

The following are some of our more popular past blog posts.


Bogus iTunes App Reviews

iPad Reviews

iPad Total Cost of Ownership

iPhone App Store Ranking Algorithm

Category:general -- posted at: 2:00am EDT

The following are our past tutorials on Jailbreaking:


Jailbreak Tutorial - iOS 6.0 to 6.1.2 Untethered 

Jailbreak Tutorial - iOS 5.1.1 Untethered 


Jailbreak Tutorial - iOS 5.0.1 Untethered - iPhone 4S, iPad 2


Jailbreak Tutorial - iOS 5.0.1 Untethered - iPhone 3G/4, iPad1, iPod Touch 3rd,4th, 5th gen


Jailbreak Tutorial - iOS 4.3.3 Untethered 


Jailbreak Tutorial - iOS 4.3.1 Untethered 


Jailbreak Tutorial OS 3.1.3, 3.1.2 & iPad

Jailbreak Tutorial OS 3.0.1 and Cydia



Category:general -- posted at: 1:30am EDT


What differentiates the Today in iOS (iPhone) podcast from all the others is YOU!!  Every Tii Episode features comments from the listeners.  We want to hear from you.  Please either call in or email your comments, questions, tips, reviews, rants and more to:


phone:  206-666-6364






You can also follow me on Twitter - @podcast411



Category:general -- posted at: 1:00am EDT


What differentiates the Today in iOS (iPhone) podcast from all the others is YOU!!  Every Tii Episode features comments from the listeners.  We want to hear from you.  Please either call in or email your comments, questions, tips, reviews, rants and more to:


phone:  206-666-6364



You can also follow me on Twitter - @podcast411



Category:general -- posted at: 12:30am EDT

About Tii:

Today in iOS (Formerly - Today in iPhone) - Tii - was the first Podcast dedicated to the iPhone. The Podcast launched in April 2007 and we have been producing new episodes about once a week for over seven years.  The podcast regularly gets between 25,000 and 30,000 unique downloads per episode. The show can also be found on Stitcher where it gets another 2,500 listens per episode.  The show and site are dedicated to the iPhone OS and any and all devices running the iPhone OS.  This includes News, Tips, Tricks, Apps, Accessories, Rumors, Jailbreaking, and anything else we feel fits with the iPhone OS universe.  The show is G-Rated and you will never hear a curse word on the show - so it is ok for your kids to listen.  We work hard to integrate listener Voicemail and email into each episode, this can be questions, tips, tricks, reviews and even rants.  



As of 6/10/2011 - I own Stock in Apple and hold a long position.  

As of 5/17/2014 - I also own Stock in Facebook, Tesla, Twitter and GTAT and hold a long position on all of them. 
App and Product Review Policy:
Full and Fair Disclosure is something we believe strongly in.  We do not take any money to do App reviews, we do accept free promocodes for Apps and free gear to review - but will always disclose if a promocode or a product was given for free. We openly welcome App reviews from our Audience including reviews by the developers (as long as they disclose they are the developer).  We do our best to vet reviews to make sure they are not coming from a PR company hired by a Developer.  We expect full and fair disclosure from our audience as well.  
Advertising with Tii:
Developers are welcome (encouraged) to advertise on the site and/or Podcast and we clearly state on the podcast when the show is being sponsored by anyone.  The banners at the right side of the site are sponsored by those in the banner.  To learn more about advertising opportunities click here.  
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